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What is NEET 2020? And What is Chapter Wise Weightage?

This All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) is a test that is conducted by NTA for aspirants to join MBBS and BDS programs from different parts of India

When you are attempting an important exam, the first thing to do is study hard for it. Board exams are the toughest to crack and also these exams are very critical. Just like that the National Eligibility Entrance Test or NEET is one of the most important exams in the nation. This All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) is a test that is conducted by NTA for aspirants to join MBBS and BDS programs from different parts of India.

How to be eligible for NEET exams:-

Now, that you know the purpose of this exam, let’s get onto the topic of how to be eligible for the exam. The main thing a candidate must have is the knowledge of the science stream- Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology. The aspirants should have these subjects as their compulsory subject in class 10th and 12th. The passing marks need to be shown in the counseling round and marks in Mathematics are not needed in the NEET-Undergraduate examination (NEET UG). There is also another exam for the postgraduate who wants to pursue their career in the medical field, this exam is called NEET-PG. This is a single entrance and ranking exam for the admission to PG diploma courses and various MD/MS courses.

This exam is an online method and in 11 different languages. These languages are- Hindi, English, Bengali, Urdu, Marathi, Tamil, Odia, Telugu, Kannada and Assamese. There will be 180 questions and the candidate will have a duration of 3 hours. There will be three sections in this exam- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology)

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NEET Chapter Wise Weightage:-


This is the most feared section by all NEET aspirants. Laws of motion, Rigid Body and System of Particle, Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism, Current Electricity, Thermodynamics, etc. are the most important chapters of this section. If you are an aspirant of NEET then you should spend more time on these chapters as suggested by the experts. There will also be numerical based questions that hold good marks in Physics, so try to get prepared for that also.


This is idly the easiest paper in the whole exam, said by the toppers. Just like Physics, this section has 45 questions. This section has three equal weightage in the three-chapter- physical, inorganic and organic. So, you will have to pay attention to each of these chapters equally.


After Physics, this section is the most important part because of the huge question percentage of the whole NEET exam. Biology holds 50% of the NEET questions (90 questions) and thus this section should not be taken lightly. Because each of the chapters of this section is important that is why candidates need to create a time table for this chapter especially so they can distribute their time in the vast Chemistry syllabus.

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When you are attempting an important exam, the first thing to do is study hard for it. Pixabay

The best way to crack NEET

As you can see the weightage of each chapter is quite critical and in order to ace their exam, students must manage a good study time. A study time that can offer each of the subjects with equal focus and also gives them time to revise all the chapters before the exam.

Exam Pattern: If the candidate knows the question pattern then they are halfway there to crack this difficult exam of their lives. As said above there will be 45 questions in each section and you will be given 3 hours duration to solve them. Apart from that, you would get MCQs with 4 marks, and for each wrong answer, there will be a deduction of 1 mark.

Online Solutions: A good guide by experts is all you need to ace in any examination and Vedantu NEET UG training will help you with precise information on all the learning aspects. Solving previous year question papers and attempting sample papers will make you ready for the exam. Apart from online solutions, NCERT books are essential for NEET participants because approximately 75 percent of the questions in NEET come from these books and many toppers mentioned in the interviews about the same

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Even though these two tips are enough for you but here are some other tips to follow other studying NEET – 

  • Creating a good time table

  • Prepare notes

  • Take breaks between study

  • Take good care of your health



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