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Nehru distorted the history of India’s freedom struggle, says Kannada novelist S. L. Bhyrappa

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By NewsGram Staff Writer

“Nehru wanted R.C.Majumdar to write a book titled History of Freedom of India. There was an attempt to distort the history through this book. Following this, Majumdar refused to write the book stating that a historical book must be based on research. Nehru then got Taranath to write the book,” revealed S.L. Bhyrappa according to a report published in “Kannada Prabha,” a Kannada daily.

S.L. Bhyrappa is a popular Kannada novelist who has written more than 20 novels including two historical novels “Saartha” and “Aavarana,” an autobiography and a few essays on philosophy. Last Saturday evening, while speaking at the inauguration function of “Mathana” organized by Kuvempu Cultural Education Trust, Chikamagaluru, Karnataka, Bhyrappa also stated that Nehru was a committed communist. These revelations are bound to create controversy again.

Previously, Bhyrappa was in controversy over his book “Aavarana” that reveals the extent of damage caused by the invasion of India by Islamic rulers. The book gives detailed historical references for various facts and figures cited in the book. This had created huge controversy.

While speaking about the Swadeshi Movement, Bhyrappa attributed its rise to the message of Ahimsa given by Swami Vivekananda in Bengal around 1890. He further stated that without Subhas Chandra Bose, India would not have attained Independence. Speaking about the difference between Western Philosophy and Indian Philosophy, Bhyrappa pointed out that, while the Western philosophy revealed truths about outside world and laid stress on rational thought, the Indian Philosophy is rooted in Vedas and dwells deep into human life, its problems and its secrets. Though common people cannot understand Vedas, the message of Vedas has reached everyone through Ramayana and Mahabharata.



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