Nepal facing ‘war-like’ situation due to India’s blockade, says Oli

New Delhi: Nepal’s prime Minister KP Oli has said on Sunday that the ‘undeclared blockade’ by India has caused a severe ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the country  and undermined the historic ties between the two nations. India has also violated the rights of a landlocked country under international law, he added.

The blockade has led to a shortage of emergency medicines and adversely affected pregnant women and school children, Oli said in a televised address to the people of Nepal.

Oli further said that the undisclosed blockade has tarnished  the image of India in the minds of the Nepalese.
While recalling high-level visits by Indian leaders and resumption of major hydro-projects last year, he claimed that the current “war- like situation that Nepal has been facing” had relegated all that progress to the background.
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