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Rumors about the emergence of a new service from Facebook have been circulating for a long time.

By- Anna

When it seems that all communication formats have already been invented and realised, something completely new is bound to appear. This is exactly what happened with Facebook's Tuned app for lovers. Tuned is a truly new communication format for couples, which has a lot of original functions and technical features that are not available in other social networks or messengers.

Today we'll take a look at Tuned, explore the reasons for its popularity, investigate its unique features, and explore interesting Tuned alternatives for those who don't have a soulmate yet. We promise you'll learn a lot!

Tuned — a shared diary or something more?

Rumors about the emergence of a new service from Facebook have been circulating for a long time. But it was only at the beginning of 2020 that a subsidiary Facebook team called NPE Team presented their application — a messenger for lovers called Tuned. At first, not everyone understood what it was and why Tuned was needed at all. However, the app turned out to be very interesting.

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Tuned is a kind of private space for couples, which has everything you need for comfortable communication among lovers:

  • a joint diary with special moments
  • private news feed
  • integration with the music service Spotify to share favourite tunes
  • the ability to send photos, notes, audio messages, sticker sets, reactions and more

Many will ask: "Why do you need the Tuned application at all, when there are many instant messengers and social networks with almost the same functions?" The fact is that Tuned has a completely different ideology. Social networks and messengers are platforms where all your friends, colleagues and casual acquaintances gather. Here, you don't have the same strong bond with your soulmate. There are couples who have a common Facebook profile, but that's a rather controversial decision. Tuned lets you literally be alone in a virtual space away from digital noise. Just you and your soulmate.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tuned

Tuned is a unique service that has no rivals yet. And it does have several important advantages:

  • unique communication format between lovers
  • an extensive set of useful functions
  • unique atmosphere of privacy in the virtual space

The app is completely free. Plus, it's available for 12+ users. That is, it is suitable not only for couples in love, but also for teenage friends who want to keep in touch in a separate application, share their thoughts, music and notes only with the closest person or people. And this already makes Tuned a much more versatile application than it seems at first glance.

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In addition, despite Tuned's Facebook affiliation, a social network profile is not required to use Tuned. For many, this is also an important plus.

But for now, the application has obvious disadvantages too:

  1. For over a year, Tuned has been an exclusive app for iOS device owners. You also need at least iOS version 13. The application for Android devices was released only in August 2021.
  2. Tuned has a very limited geography. Initially, the app was only available to US users. And so far, the spread of the service in other countries is very slow.
  3. The app is only available in English and the developers seem to be in no rush to translate it into other languages.

Facebook based Tuned will change the way couples interact Image source: wikimedia commons

Some questions are raised by Tuned's privacy and data protection policy. According to experts from Android Police, the developers do not talk about specific ways to protect users' confidential information. They are most likely using a standard Facebook policy for advertising and user data. And you probably know that this is exactly what Mark Zuckerberg's social network has always had problems with. They in turn often became the reason for legal issues. With Tuned in this respect there are questions too.

But perhaps the main disadvantage of Tuned for many users will be that it is impossible to meet other people here and start relationships. The application was created exclusively for existing couples. So if you want to find a soulmate, you'll have to look for an alternative. And, fortunately, there is one

Chat roulette: your ticket to Tuned

Finding a match in the modern world can be very difficult. Despite the abundance of dating sites, social networks and instant messengers, it is difficult to establish a romantic relationship. After all, on dating sites you have to spend a huge amount of time to find a potential match. And on messengers and social networks, basically it's only your friends and colleagues. It's not very convenient to meet new people there. And now roulette chat comes to the scene with some of the best platforms for speed dating: Chatroulette, Emeraldchat, Monkey,

Chat roulette describes a platform (website or application) on which completely random users communicate. There may be no search settings at all or only basic tools: gender, location, interests, etc. The most important advantage of video chats roulette is the speed of operation and the efficiency of finding new acquaintances. One click and you're faced with a new person with whom you can communicate on almost any topic. This is simply not possible in Tuned.

It is not really correct to compare classic chat roulettes with Tuned, since they have completely different operating principles. But you can perceive video chat as an "entrance ticket" to Tuned. It is in chat roulette that you can meet your soulmate, and then create a joint profile in Tuned, and finally personally evaluate all the advantages and possibilities of the new service from Facebook. We're sure you'll succeed!

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Find a chat partner, and get Tuned!

Tuned by Facebook is a really interesting and unusual app that will surely gather an active audience of couples in love over time. But to be honest, the application still has a lot to develop. And developers might want to consider introducing functionality for dating. They could even add a chat roulette feature to Tuned if they wanted to. But this is unlikely.

On the other hand, such changes and additions may eventually turn Tuned into another dating application, of which there are already many. So far, it's difficult to predict how successful this project will be and whether it will be forgotten in six months. One thing is certain: new communication formats are always a plus. Even if they have a number of limitations, you can always find a way to make them meet your needs. In our case, use chat roulette for dating, and Tuned... for further communication.

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