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Delhi under radar of terror groups, warns Home Ministry

New Delhi: The Home Ministry warned against a possible aerial attack from different terror groups including Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

A report of the Ministry of Home Affairs revealed that the security agencies were kept on high alert. The agencies were also directed to take necessary initiatives to foil any such attacks.

Reportedly, security was also beefed up in key installation across India especially in the capital. A list of 15 areas has been identified which are prone to attacks.  The areas include Prime Minister’s house, the residences of Home Minister and Vice President, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Rajpath, India Gate and the CGO Complex that houses the headquarters of key agencies such as the CBI, CISF and BSF.

Various security bodies were directed to be vigilant against unmanned air system (UAS) and drones.

Orders have also been issued to shoot down any suspicious flying object. The Indian Air Force (IAF) are keeping a vigil on the aerial space to determine any suspicious activities.

The development came after a drone was located flying over the Indira Gandhi International Airport in the capital. However, mystery still shrouds the incident as concerned people failed to identify the object and locate its source.

India’s decision to back the war-ravaged Afghanistan in its war against militancy has also irked terror outfits. Despite the fact that there is no institutional presence of ISIS in India, there were reports that the militia might join hands with Indian Mujaheedin or other groups to carry out subversive activities across the country.

Moreover, India backed the hanging of war criminals in Bangladesh. Most of the war criminals were affiliated to the extremist group Jamaat-e-Islami. This did not go down well with them. Reportedly, members of the outfits were arrested by security forces when they were making bombs in their secret hideout in Burdwan, West Bengal.

With ISIS making their presence felt regularly with their attacks, it is high time for India to sound the warning bell to remain alert against any suspicion.



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