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This New Drive Aims To Push the Indian Salon Industry

In support of the Indian salon industry post lockdown, Godrej Professional has announced Suraksha Salon Program

To support the Indian salon industry as it moves into the new normal, Godrej Professional has announced Suraksha Salon Program. A programme with three pillars, it will have -free distribution and subsidized sanitizer and disposable kits cost for salons, education on safety and hygiene for salon infrastructure and services, and back-to-business support. All of these initiatives are available free of cost to any salon that requires support and is not restricted to those that use Godrej Professional COVID-19 has already heavily impacted the salon industry leading to a complete halt of operations.

Salon professionals work in close proximity with their clients. Thus, the salons would need to completely transform and establish a safe in-salon ecosystem for both employees and customers. The program will provide all the necessary guidance, resources and updates to salon owners to ensure safety and well-being of their staff and customers.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Sunil Kataria CEO – India and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) said, “Godrej Professional is committed to empower and uplift the Indian salon industry. At a time when the salon industry is being impacted by the ongoing lockdown, our focus is on empowering them to be business-ready with necessary protocols in place as soon as the operations are allowed. With the Suraksha Salon Program, we are ensuring that salons experience a smooth transition into the next phase of their business with a greater emphasis on hygiene, which is going to be the new normal, and make this migration easier for them.” Under the Suraksha Salon program, Godrej Professional is donating 15,000 litres of sanitizers and 10,000 re-usable masks for the well-being of the stylists.

Salon industry
It is a new drive to cushion the Indian salon industry. Pixabay

In addition, Godrej Professional will also continue to support salons with sanitizer & disposable kits for salon safety. Disposables will be the new norm in the salon industry post lockdown. Linen, towel, capes, gloves, among are the most used wearables in salons. However, the pricing and availability of disposables can be an issue. To deal with this challenge, Godrej Professional has partnered with vendors making such disposable items to provide salons easy accessibility at a highly subsidized price and is expected to support more than 10000 salons.

Godrej Professional has curated �Suraksha Guidelines’, a comprehensive module on safety and hygiene, co-created with an expert with more than 25 years of experience in healthcare and hospitality sanitization. The guidelines cover all aspects of salon sanitization, employee safety, client safety, and hair services, to skin and make-up services. The whitepaper is available in English, Hindi and 7 regional languages such Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali so that salon owners & stylists from any part of India can easily understand the guidelines.

To address concerns about re-starting salon operations and avail sanitisation products on priority, a Suraksha Salon helpline is also set up under the program. Back-to-work contact and digital kits will be provided to the salons to share with customers once the business resumes.

Salons would need to completely transform and establish a safe in-salon ecosystem for both employees and customers. Pixabay

The brand has brought together subject matter experts on salon operations, sanitisation and hygiene to hand-hold salons as they resume operations. Experts like Natasha Naegamvala (Director, Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin Salon); Dr. Swati Maheshwari (Internal Medicine Specialist); Hiraman Rathod (Sanitization & Fumigation Expert); Asha Hariharan (Industry Veteran & Education Ambassador, Godrej Professional); Rayed Merchant (Director Market (Global) & Head Brand Procurement, IKONIC); and Heena Dalvi, National Technical Head, Godrej Professional imparted education online to salon professionals on necessary protocols to ensure a risk-free environment for staff and customers. These were a series of 8 interactive sessions where viewers could ask the experts their doubts and seek immediate clarifications.

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To ensure that stylists thoroughly understand and imbibe the Suraksha Salon guidelines, GodrejProfessional is offering certified training courses online. These are being offered free of cost and are open to anyone from the salon community. Salon owners and stylists are encouraged to call the toll free Suraksha Salon Helpline to register themselves for the course. (IANS)



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