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American meals at under a thousand bucks, uncle Jack's in GK II, New Delhi. IANS

With sumptuous American meals at under a thousand bucks, a new spot in Delhi’s GK II is set to give regular fast food options a run for their money. Popular American eatery, Uncle Jack’s is a must-visit, especially for the younger lot.

The eatery opened its first outlet after the success it received in over eight outlets across Punjab and is an inviting option for those who love hearty American fare, with a generous touch of Punjabi hospitality and service. The substantial quantities of food both stay true to the American and Punjabi spirit of generosity on their platters.

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According to Ankush Arora, Founder – Uncle Jack’s India, ‘Uncle Jack’s was conceived as a simple dream of bringing the best of American food to India. Arora launched Uncle Jack’s in 2016 in Chandigarh. The menu offers the best of American food with a fresh take on flavours, style of preparation and quirky presentations. One can sample Hot Dogs straight from the streets of New York, the Waffles from diners, and the oh-so-scrumptious and comforting burgers and pasta, apart from other delectables.

Uncle Jack’s was conceived as a simple dream of bringing the best of American food to India. Flickr

They serve the “best fries in the country” as their most famous and loved product and the savoury options are interestingly named after historic American personalities. The beverage presentations are an added attraction at Uncle Jack’s.

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Address: Plot No 22, M Block, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi

The place follows all necessary protocols against COVID-19. (IANS)


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