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Night time Munchers, You are Risking your Skin!

Abnormal eating schedule especially eating during night time makes one more prone to skin diseases

People who eat late at night are more vulnerable to sunburn and longer-term effects such as skin aging and skin cancer. Pixabay

Washington D.C. [USA], August 17, 2017: Night time munchers, hold on tight! This jaw-dropping finding may encourage you to give up your night time muncher title.

According to researcher Joseph S. Takahashi, people who eat late at night are more vulnerable to sunburn and longer-term effects such as skin aging and skin cancer.

You will be surprized to know that more than sunbathing or sun exposure, it is your irregular eating habits which deeply hamper your skin.

The effects of the disturbance in the biological cycle of the skin due to the irregular eating schedule are demonstrated and verified by O’Donnell Brain Institute and UC Irvine. A study was conducted on mice as they are nocturnal animals. Therefore, their natural eating time is at night. During the study, Takahashi fed the mice during the day time and observed the effects of irregular eating habits on the skin, mentioned ANI report.

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The outcome demonstrated an alteration in the XPA(Xeroderma Pigmentosum group-A) cycles. XPA is an enzyme that repairs the UV damaged skin. As a consequence of which, these mice suffered more skin damage when exposed to ultraviolet B(UVB) light as compared to those mice, which were fed at their original eating time. Apart from altered XPA cycles, the study also found that abnormal eating schedules affect the expression of about 10% of the skin’s genes.

It is primarily the irregular eating habits which disturb the biological cycle of the skin. It thus diminishes the daytime potency of an enzyme that provides a protection against the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

Don’t be afraid to go for sun basking on a beach, just regulate your eating schedule so as to attain a strong skin immunity system.

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Treat Sunburn with Cool Bath, Aloe

Here are some tips to repair skin, reports

If you're away from home and can't catch a bath, apply aloe vera. Pixabay

If you step out of your house without sunscreen and if your skin turns blazing red, its better to move inside. Also bathe with cold water and use aloe to treat sunburn.

Here are some tips to repair skin, reports

* Stay away from sun: As soon as a sunburn becomes evident, get out of the sun. Some damage has already been done, and you don’t want to harm your skin any more. Stay out of the sun until the burn fades.

* Assess the damage: If a couple of small blisters pop up, it’s safe to treat the burn at home. But if you develop blisters on more than 20 percent of your body, seek medical attention immediately.

Take a bath to cool down the skin gently.
Take a bath to cool down the skin gently. Pixabay

* Take a cool bath: It’s also important to cool the skin down. But skip the shower. The continual blast of water on your scorched skin will not feel good. Take a bath to cool down the skin gently. Also skip the soap, which will dry the skin out even more.

Instead, add a few scoops of baking soda to your bath. It’s cooling and helps your skin retain moisture.

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* Use aloe: If you’re away from home and can’t catch a bath, apply aloe vera. Aloe is a cooling agent and anti-inflammatory. Get the oozy juice straight from an aloe plant if you have one, or else use a store-bought gel.

* Apply lots of lotion: After your bath, slather on lotion. But if you have any small blisters, leave those spots alone. When choosing a lotion, reach for something that is both moisturising and hydrating. (Bollywood Country)

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