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Nilakantha: The Blue Throated Shiva and His Teachings

Find out more about the teachings of the Blue Throated Shiva

Commonly known as the destroyer, Shiva, is also considered the lord of the Yogi’s. Shiva is often not embraced by western yoga students. The reason behind this is the lack of understanding, which also extends into India. 

Shiva is like a multifaceted gem, each facet reveals a different aspect of Divine Consciousness. Each of the names of Shiva reveals one facet of the expansive and unlimited gem known as Shiva, as he is commonly called camphor colored indicating his purity.

But it is the blue Shiva that has particular importance to all practitioners of yoga and spirituality, and particularly interesting is the blue-throated Shiva, commonly known as Nila Kantha. Sometimes this form of Shiva is referred to as Nila Grivaya or blue-necked Shiva, as suggested and described in an article on The Chakra.

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Traditionally, the teaching of the blue-throated Shiva is that while the cosmic energies where being churned, Shiva drank the poisons of the universe and held them in his throat, which appeared as a blue color in the throat, hence the name blue-throated (Nila Kantha)

Nila Kantha: The Blue Throated Shiva and His Teachings
The teaching of blue-throated Shiva does not allow these poisons into our body and mind. Wikimedia Commons

Many significant and important secrets are yet to be revealed by this teaching. Keeping the poisons of life in the ethers and not letting them reside in our body and mind is the first teaching of Shiva. By poisons, Shiva means mental, emotional, and physical poisons. Shiva wants everyone to be consciously aware of the presence of all the poisons within themselves and others, but not allow them into their lives. 

This is an important message that is not only reinforced by the teachings of Nila Kantha but appears in the Vedic teachings, as well as the Upanishads.

It is only at the higher levels of consciousness that the yogi or yogini can embrace the qualities of the blue-throated Shiva and embrace the poisons while not allowing them to flow into the heart or other areas of the body. Otherwise, the teachings about the blue-throated Shiva even ties in with the Ayurvedic concept of like increases like. Therefore, the poisons we allow into our lives cause similar poisons to increase over time, becoming a vicious cycle.

The teaching of blue-throated Shiva of not allowing these poisons into our body and mind forms the basis of a majority of new-age beliefs. It also forms a foundation of Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma.

Shiva and the Chakras

The teachings of the blue-throated Shiva and the chakras can be easily equated. One needs to be in the most advanced yogic states to be able to swallow the poisons of life and keep them from moving past the throat.

Less advanced yogis or students will have their speech poisoned by holding the poisons within the throat area. Secondary effects would be a poisoning of the mechanism of speech and toxic speech.

Nila Kantha: The Blue Throated Shiva and His Teachings
Shiva will not allow the poisons to enter his heart, by holding the poisons within the throat. Pixabay

Anyone can recall an occasion where they met a person with toxic speech. Toxic speech can have immense power and impact on people close enough to hear it.

Shiva will not allow the poisons to enter his heart, by holding the poisons within the throat. For the student of yoga, it is critical to not allow the poisons of life to enter into one’s heart.  

The majority of students have not developed the degree of consciousness to hold the poisons at the throat-level.

Studies of heart disease have also suggested that there is an emotional component with some forms of heart disease, therefore, reinforcing the lessons of the blue-throated Shiva.


The first step is to develop a level of consciousness. If it seems to be very difficult or unachievable, then one must remove themselves from the toxins of the world. This includes cutting off toxic people from life and cutting down on toxic food as well. Reducing junk food consumption and increasing organic foods is a part of the process. 

Using high-quality herbs that are processed properly and free of metals and other contaminants is important.

An honest assessment of toxic relationships is very important, of both personal and work relationships. A careful evaluation of these relationships needs to be performed. The work environment may build circumstances in which interaction with some toxic people will become a must. But the interaction can be easily limited.

Nila Kantha: The Blue Throated Shiva and His Teachings
Yoga, in general, is cleansing to toxins in the mind and body. Pixabay

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Cleansing the aura is important, as the aura is our first filter for negativity from others. A variety of mantras can perform this function, but merely using “OM” and visualize it flowing throughout your aura can be beneficial. remove themselves from the toxins of the world 

Yoga, in general, is cleansing to toxins in the mind and body, but there may be occasions when more powerful techniques are necessary, and yoga offers an array of techniques. Meditation is very beneficial. Mantra is very beneficial as the sound current of mantra has a cleansing effect on the mind and body. The Darshan of deities can have a profound cleansing effect on the aura and body. Additionally, all of these techniques aid in preparing us for embracing the level of consciousness represented by the blue-throated Shiva.



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