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NJMCDIRECT – Pay Your Traffic Ticket Fines Online

You have to visit the website of NJMCDIRECT and then follow the instructions on the landing page for filling the form

If you feel getting caught by traffic police while over speeding is the worst thing to happen, try paying the traffic ticket fine. The laborious and hectic process to pay your traffic ticket fine involves making multiple visits to the courts and waiting in long queues. The entire process is tiresome and leaves you exhausted in the end.

However, there is a reprieve for people living in New Jersey. The NJMC (New Jersey Meadowlands Commission) has created a portal called NJMCDIRECT, which allows you to pay your traffic ticket fines online through your mobile phone or laptop/pc. So no need to visit the court and stand in a long queue as you can pay your NJMC pay ticket from anywhere.

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NJMCDIRECT: Online service to pay your traffic tickets easily

You can get a traffic violation ticket for multiple reasons such as violating signals, wrong parking, having an accident with the car/bumping into another vehicle. But thanks to the NJMCDIRECT portal, you can pay the fines swiftly from your home or office.

The process to pay for a traffic violation ticket is straightforward and hassle-free on NJMCDIRECT. And if you take care of the following things, you won’t face any trouble using this service.

  • The Traffic Ticket: The entire process of paying fines through the NJMCDIRECT website revolves around your traffic ticket’s details. So make sure you have the traffic ticket with you when you access the portal. Also, make sure your passport is not overdue or expired.

Traffic Violation ticket is for many reasons such as violating signals, wrong parking, etc. Pinterest

  • Card Details: You will be making the payment on NJMCDIRECT through your card, and thus you will have to provide the details of the card. So, having the card with you and knowing the card details in advance will save you time while paying for your traffic ticket online.
  • License Number: The portal asks you to provide your license number. This is a mandatory step and cannot be skipped. So have details of your license number in advance.
  • Specific timings of operation: A key aspect to note about the NJMCDIRECT is that online ticket payment doesn’t work 24/7. You can access the portal anytime you want to, but you can pay for traffic violation tickets only during a specific time. You can pay for your traffic ticket online from Monday to Thursday from 7:30 AM to 11:45 PM.

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The payment timing differs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Friday, the timings are 7.30 AM to 10.45 PM, and on Saturdays, the timings are 7.30 AM to 03:45 PM. On Sundays, the service works between 01:00 PM and 11:45 PM.

  • Decent internet connection: Having a decent speed internet connection is essential. If your payment process is interrupted due to a slow internet connection, you will have to go through the entire payment process again.
  • Laptop, computer, or mobile device: You can access the NJMCDIRECT portal through laptops, computers, or smartphones. The portal does not have any device restrictions so that you can complete the payment process smoothly.

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Once you ensure you have all the things mentioned above, you can cruise through the online payment process. First, you have to visit the website of NJMCDIRECT and then follow the instructions on the landing page. Then fill in all the information asked for in the form, ensure that the entered data is correct, and then click on the continue button. The portal will verify your information, and then you can make the payment on the portal through the right card details.

NJMCDIRECT: Safe, fast, and convenient service

The process at NJMCDIRECT takes only a few minutes and is incredibly faster than the manual service. As the portal is efficiently encrypted, all your data, including card details, is safe and secure. Plus, this service.



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