Friday February 21, 2020

Here’s how ‘No Make-Up’ Look Affects Your Skin

A no make-up look might sound interesting but you should not go for it on a regular basis

No make-up
The "No Make-up" look is the new trend. Pixabay


While scrolling through your Instagram feed you must have come across the new trend of no-makeup-makeup look. But does this “no make-up” look can cause an equal amount of damage to their skin as compared to the regular makeup.

The answer to this question is two fold, says Dr Nirupama Parwanda, Dermatologist and founder of Zolie Skin Clinic.

The first part is a much expected answer, which is yes. There are several reasons why people love make-up and want to do it every day. From giving your confidence a little boost to helping you enhance your best features, make-up has always been your best buddy, Parwanda notes.

“No make-up” look can cause an equal amount of damage to your skin as compared to the regular makeup. Pixabay

However, there can be many reasons why this best buddy shouldn’t be slathered on your face regularly. We all are aware of the side effects of applying heavy make-up regularly but it is important to know that the “no-makeup-makeup look” is also damaging your skin.

The reason for this is very basic, just because people around you cannot see the multiple layers of makeup doesn’t mean there isn’t any.

If you pay attention to these beauty tutorials, you’ll find beauty gurus explain the reason why this “no-makeup-makeup look” was created. The main purpose behind this look was to look effortlessly flawless every day for the rest of your life.

Interestingly, the reason this look was appreciated by so many people around the world was because the main aim was to enhance and not a cover-up. And the make-up tips were suitable for people with different skin types and shades.

Nevertheless, there was a catch, the people didn’t see how most of the experts were using the same number of beauty products to achieve the flawless end results.

Even though the final look seemed natural no one could deny the number of layers that were caked to achieve that look. This exposed your skin to threats like acne breakouts, dry skin, allergies, dark spots and wrinkles, nothing indifferent from regular makeup, Parwanda points out.

The main purpose behind this “no make-up” look was to look effortlessly flawless every day for the rest of your life. Pixabay

However, the second part of the answer will tell you why “no-makeup-makeup” look can be your best bet if you cannot let go of your daily habit of doing make-up, she says.

If you are wise enough to choose good quality products that contain fewer chemicals and have certain skin benefits in them then “no-makeup-makeup” isn’t half as disastrous as regular make-up for your skin.

Various products in the market have been crafted for regular use and while these products might not contain everything your skin would love it is certainly a good option.

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Look for products with beneficial ingredients like tea tree, vitamin C, retinol etc. so that your skin can attain certain benefits from your make-up, suggests Parwanda.

Pro tip: Always have a good skin routine where you remove make-up as soon as you enter your home. Always cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin every night before you call it a day. (IANS)

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Spend Some Time in the Weekends to Follow Your Skincare Routine

Recharge your skin on the weekends!

Weekend is the ideal time to follow your skincare regime. Pixabay

Being an ‘urbanista’ and on-the-move throughout the week is exciting, however, there are many environmental and lifestyle factors linked to city living that can be very harmful to our skin.

Plabita Sharma, skincare expert at The Body Shop India says the weekend is the ideal time to make up for lost time with some truly necessary sleep after the chaotic work week.

“Great skin is not simply a matter of DNA. Your daily habits, in fact, have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. Ultimately, caring for your skin is simply personal. Normally working women don’t get enough time to pamper themselves with an accurate skin care so weekends are more comfortable periods where women can let their skin breathe. Weekend skincare regime help in rejuvenation of the skin and gives a fresh radiant look for weekdays,” she says.

Weekend skincare regime help in rejuvenation of the skin and gives a fresh radiant look for weekdays. Pixabay

With a busy life and limited excess to self-care during weekdays it’s very important to have some me time during the relaxed weekend. To start with, take a decent hot shower to enable your muscles to unwind followed by a light sprinkle of cold water.

Show your skin some affection with the correct healthy skin items. Replenish your skin with a moisturizing treat while you rest at the end of the week by applying a medium-term face mask.

Additionally, go for some anti-oxidants and let your skin breathe unreservedly.

Moisturizing is must for your skincare routine. Pixabay

Washing your face is the most significant and the initial phase for healthy skin to be centered around. Choose a face wash rich in charcoal because it cleanses away dirt and impurities and helps in unclogging pores to give soft and radiant skin. Post this, use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

Some of the special products to use during weekend skincare regimes are face masks, which not only improve the overall appearance of your skin, but can be quite therapeutic. Masks infused with aromatic essential oils like mint and rosemary can lift your spirit by stimulating your senses, giving a spa-like treatment at home.

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Use an exfoliator. Scrubbing is one of the most essential skin care regimens that you need to follow. Weekly exfoliation helps in gently removing dead skin cells and keep your skin clean.

No matter what the season is moisturization should be an essential part of skincare regime. Using a moisturizer every day can make your skin radiant and provide deep hydration. (IANS)