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No word of negotiation from government yet: Ex-servicemen on OROP

By NewsGram Staff-Writer

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Even on the 81st day of their hunger strike, the retired army veterans were denied of official communication with the Modi government regarding any latest negotiation on the OROP scheme.

On Thursday, the ex-servicemen protesting at Jantar Mantar said the government itself seems confused over what they are going to offer. There have been rumours which say that the government is working on a new scheme for negotiating with the retired soldiers.

Seeking immediate implementation of OROP, Captain Anil Kaul said, “the government has not given us any information about any scheme. How can they negotiate on something of which they are not aware?”

He said they are neither making any special demands nor any incentive is sought. They are just asking for their revised pension. Kaul further added that officers and junior officials are on the same page regarding the OROP demand; there is no issue of a tussle between them.

Commenting on the government’s financial scuffle on OROP, Kaul said the proposed expenditure has been reviewed by the defence minister after a layer of background check by the finance ministry; so, the government should not have any trouble in putting OROP into effect.

Retired Captain VK Gandhi also added that the government is not clearing its stand on OROP; different people have been saying different things.

(With Inputs from IANS)



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