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Norway Kid Custody: Sushma Swaraj stands to reunite Indian Child with his Natural Parents

This is not a new phenomenon for Norwegian authorities, they have done this twice since 2011

Sushma Swaraj, VOA

New Delhi, Dec 27, 2016: India made a clear statement regarding the reunion of the five-and-a-half year old boy (who is custody of an Indo-Norwegian family) with his natural parents, ahead of its Ambassador’s meeting with authorities in Norway regarding the custody of the child.

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External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj went very clear on her view while strictly mentioning that she refuses to accept the fact that foster parents can take better care of the child than natural parents, mentioned PTI.

“Our Ambassador in Norway is meeting the Norwegian authorities today regarding Aryan. I refuse to accept that foster parents can take better care of the child than the natural parents” Swaraj said in a series of tweets.

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“The foster parents are totally ignorant of the Indian culture and our food habits. We want restoration of Aryan to his natural parents,” she said.

An Indian national Gurvinderjit Kaur and her husband, a Norwegian national has complained that in a frivolous complaint of abuse the Norwegian authorities has taken away their son, who is also a Norwegian. She has also written to the Ministry seeking help in getting back her son, who has been taken away by the Norway Child Welfare Services.

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This is not a new phenomenon for Norwegian authorities, they have done this twice since 2011. Children were taken away from their Indian origin parents by the authorities in Norway on the grounds of abuse.

During the UPA regime, a three-year-old and an one-year-old were taken away from their parents by the Norwegian authorities. After taking up this issue with Norway the Norwegian court allowed the children to be reunited with their parents.

In December 2012, an Indian couple was jailed on charges of ill treatment of their children, 7 and 2 year old. Later, they were sent to their grandparents in Hyderabad.

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Child’s Health Also Impacted By The Father’s Exercise Routine

The researchers also found that exercise helped even with a poor diet.

Infants, baby, WOmb
Winter care for your little ones. Pixabay

Many people know that a woman’s health, including her diet and exercise habits, can impact the health of her baby even before she gets pregnant. But, until recently, little was known about a father’s diet and exercise choices.

Matthew Hurt is teaching his young sons how to hit a baseball. He wants them to enjoy sports and exercising.

“I want it to be just natural for them. I don’t want it to be a chore. I want them to just want to go outside, want to be active and enjoy life to its fullest.”

Impact of exercise

A study at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center looked at the impact of fathers’ exercise habits on their offspring.

Kristin Stanford is a member of Ohio State’s Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center. She co-led the study. The results showed that even moderate exercise before a baby was conceived “resulted in an improved metabolic health in their adult offspring. Essentially, it improved their glucose metabolism, decreased body weight and increased their insulin sensitivity.”

The World Health Organization says 1 in 4 adults worldwide are dangerously inactive. That increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

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A man twirls a young baby on a waterfront park as downtown Seattle disappears in a smoky haze behind, Aug. 19, 2018. VOA

Inactivity also has social and economic consequences.

The research at Ohio State was done in mice. More work needs to be done to see if it applies to people as well.

“The idea would be that if you have a dad who wants to have a baby, if they would exercise maybe just a month prior to conception, that would have a really dramatic effect on their child’s life.”

Child, baby, father
Exposure to smoking in childhood thickens arteries’ walls which, in turn, ups the risks of heart attack and stroke. Pixabay

Poor diet? Just exercise

The researchers also found that exercise helped even with a poor diet. Sedentary mice fed a high fat diet passed along negative health issues like obesity and insulin resistance, but those effects were completely reversed by exercise.

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“A high-fat diet, even mild high-fat diet, in this case it was only three weeks, changes the profile, but exercise kind of restored it back to normal.”

More work needs to be done to see if the same applies to humans. But in the animal studies, exercise for the male mouse was key to the health of his offspring.