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NA-KD represents the essential elements of Scandinavian culture.

NA-KD represents the essential elements of Scandinavian culture, which include innovation, clean design, and a great respect for nature. KDs from NA-collections are made to be both functional and fashionable, producing in high-quality apparel to invest in.

The modern brand offers traditional wardrobe staples with a premium feel at affordable prices, combining a clean and warm aesthetic with claims of being ecologically conscious.

Nykaa Fashion continues to diversify its portfolio by bringing on new brands that are creating waves across the world and are coveted for their heightened style. Following its extensive selection of local labels, which celebrated domestic talent. With the exclusive introduction of NA-KD, the multi-brand lifestyle e-commerce site continues to provide the finest choices.

Play, Slay, Everyday, or Vacation — NA-offers KD's handpicked collection will take shoppers from work to play to lounge and vacation in style. Shoppers may discover a selection of flexible pieces, dresses and jumpsuits, fitted coats and jackets, soft knits and loungewear, trademark denim, and shoes starting with the label's first version.

Adwaita Nayar, CEO of Nykaa Fashion, said of the new launch, "Nykaa Fashion continues to expand and establish itself as a lifestyle destination that encourages customers to make more sophisticated fashion choices. We put a lot of effort into collecting the top brands from across the world, and expanding our fashion offering with significant players like NA-KD is exciting.

The fashion-forward attitude of NA-KD, as well as its dedication to sustainability, connects with our customers, making it an excellent fit for Nykaa Fashion."

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"Working together with brand ambassadors and video producers from all over the world, we seek to display the most current fashions, and at the same time, we want to do it as sustainably as possible," said Sarah Krusell, VP Commercial & Brand, NA-KD. We are excited that clients of Nykaa Fashion will now be able to participate in the NA-KD universe. NA-KD has quickly risen to become a global leader in fashion and e-commerce, demonstrating that shoppers value our notion that clothes can be both economical and fashionable." (IANS/PR)

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