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Whenever we want to buy a new bike, we want to choose a good brand and a model that is trusted and durable and does not gives a lot of problem. We do not want to own a bike that breaks down every now and then. We do not want to waste money and time to send the bike to the workshop for repair. Repair works is not cheap and neither are the replacement parts. Plus, we also want to check the review from customers whether the replacement parts are easily available.

We may like a new model that is just being released into the market but there is no point in getting a bike to find that we will have to wait a long time for the replacement parts to be ordered and delivered. No shop wants to use up space to stock on replacement parts that are not good sellers. Most shops would only keep stock those parts that are fast to sell and where the parts are much sort after. Not only that, we also have to check if the price of the replacement parts are too expensive and whether the bike is worth maintaining.

Some of us may be excited and too quick to get a new bike before others have a chance to give an honest review of the bike. In this case, we ended up taking the risk of buying a new bike without knowing what to expect of the new bike. If we are unfortunate, then we may find that we need to replace the carburetor of our bike with a new mikuni carburetor for the bike to perform better.

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We all know that there is a time for bike parts to be replaced for the smooth running of the vehicle. These days, replacement parts are easily available in the local stores or if they are not available, we can order them from online stores. If we know how to do minor repairs on our bike, then we get to save on workmanship, and we also get to save on extra charges when we purchase the parts directly from the stores.

When we purchase replacement parts for our bike, we need to make sure that the parts sold to us are genuine parts or OEM bike parts. These parts are designed and manufactured to fit the specific brand and model as the manufacturer intended. There are OEM bike parts for most top brands such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, and many others. You can check out one of the largest online stores carrying OEM bike parts at

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Besides OEM bike parts, you can also source for aftermarket parts for your bike. Some motorcyclist who are good in remodelling their bike use aftermarket parts to create a dream bike of their own. Aftermarket bike parts allow bike owners to customize their bike to their heart’s content until they see their dream materialized before their eyes.

If you have trouble sourcing bike parts for your bike model, you can try checking it out at BikeBandit. All you need to do is key in the brand, the model and the year manufactured or you can speak to the customer service agent on duty to find out more about the parts you are looking for.




Maria Wirth

By-Maria Wirth

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