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The architecture of the office space can immensely add to boosting employee efficiency and the final productivity. Pixabay


Office space is a nurturing ground for productivity. And the architecture of the space can immensely add to boosting employee efficiency and the final productivity.

As the architecture world fights it out among themselves on maximalism and minimalism, the concept of ‘Eclecticism’ comes as a fresh breath of air. It derives name from the Greek word Eklektikos, which means selectiveness or choosing the best. In architectural terms, it refers to any design that incorporates elements of traditional motifs and styles, decorative aesthetics and ornaments, structural features, that originated from other cultures or architectural periods.

This is what Mumbai-based architect duo Pooja Ashley and Arbaysis Ashley, tries to blend in while designing and aiming to boost employee productivity. Read on:

Why Eclecticism? What made you drawn towards this form architecture for workspace and how it can to workers’ performance?

Pooja and Arbaysis: Eclecticism enables to think beyond a structured framework of thoughts; the rules of design can be adapted to create various possibilities of aesthetics that are not limited to one style. As the human productivity depends on the state of mind, it is important to articulate a creative, calm and enthusing work environment. Spaces that mentally enables the employees by creating easeof improves work performance.

Office space is a nurturing ground for productivity. Pixabay

How important do you think workspace is while improving the productivity of employees?

Pooja and Arbaysis: Elements like comfort, ambience and lighting are of paramount importance in boosting productivity; due to this the design industry has guided a whole new work culture as the large corporates are investing into designing the best of work spaces which can uplift the mood and energy of the users.

When you are designing a workspace, what are key pointers that guide your design ethos?

Pooja and Arbaysis: Circulation, segregation of spaces by functional roles, spatial planning and ideas that encourage team building and collaborative work approach are some of the key principles that are considered in our design process.

What modern Indian clients are wanting while creating their workspace?

Pooja and Arbaysis: Today, everyone seeks a workspace that fabricates close-knit work culture.Open spaces, break out areas and young vibe are directing the design trends of work spaces; these are well recognized amongst entrepreneurs who understand the importance of space in the work environment.

What according to you should a layman/starter/ amateur keep in mind while designing his own office space?

Pooja and Arbaysis: It is very important to maintain subtlety while you focus on creating a young vibe for spaces;cluttering the space with too many design elements takes away calmness from a space. Planning is most crucial; it is imperative to have an overall road map of the design goal as randomly mixing ideas can lead to chaos.

How do you derive your inspiration for your body of work?

Pooja and Arbaysis: Inspiration for each workspace comes from the client’s brand identity; their work culture and personality of the client are resonated with our design vocabulary.

How does India’s diverse design heritage/history influence you while designing? Any specific Indian school or architecture/artist inspire your work?

Pooja and Arbaysis: India, culturally is very rich in craftsmanship. The finesses of a variety of traditional Indian Work has always been a strong source of learning and influence. The contemporary artworks produced by various Indian artists have inspired and motivated our designing style at times.

A good office space can uplift the mood and energy of the employees. Pixabay

Tell us something about how play with different materials and textures while designing for a client?

Pooja and Arbaysis: For a designer, it is a continuous quest to explore various and exotic materials, finishes and textures. The usage of materials is directed by a variety of impulses like design aesthetics and project costs.

Is there any current particular design trending/or projected to trend for some time now?

Pooja and Arbaysis: With the increase in millennial population in workspace, young vibe in interiors is prioritised. Art and comfort weave the design ideas into each space. Interactive design is the new trend which is encouraged and enabled by the global offices to improve the productivity of employees.

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How are you integrating technology to your design ethos?

Pooja and Arbaysis: Technology has become key to the design process itself. From the basic design software to production technologies that allow to explore precision, speed and fluidity in design. Now, the design industry is at a point where services like automation, lighting, communication, acoustic control etc are the rationale for any interior project. (IANS)


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