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OM Indian Fusion Cuisine Restaurant in Madison (US) is a Food Haven for Indians Living Abroad

Madison, May 11, 2017: A couple Mr. Sumanth Viswanathan and Nancy opened ‘OM Indian Fusion Restaurant’ in June at 3579 E. Washington Ave (Madison) next to a Laundromat in June 2016. Although the exterior does not do justice and is not at all inviting but the interior is spacious, contemporary and comfortable, with a beautiful light blue and green color scheme.

Owners have transformed the former Chinese Buffet into a flawless, thoughtful and innovative Indian space with a flickering bar, an open kitchen with 99 dining-seating arrangements and a handsome fireplace.

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The restaurant is characterized by the huge variety of flavors and texture at the buffet while emphasizing mainly on South Indian food, vegetarian dishes and a regular menu. Full menu with soups and salads also includes full-fledged doses of Florentine, Marinara, Pesto, Carbona, Alfredo and Arrabita recipes.

A variety of flavors and texture at the buffet in Om Indian Restaurant

‘Dosas’ are also an attractive choice— enormous, lightly crispy golden brown crepes folded over slowly simmered vegetables and fragrant south Indian spices. Dosas usually come with the usual lentil stew (sambar) and two chutneys, one coconut-based with peanuts and a spicy tomato. But OM’s ‘Seven dosa plate is the star.

For starters, there are 14 appealing appetizers including the triangular veggie samosa, spring rolls, noodles and hot pakoras.

Maintaining its spicy reputation, OM has countless vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Indo-Chinese recipes especially tandoori dishes with wonderful ‘thali’ options.

The mouth-watering non-vegetarian options being chicken, lamb, shrimp, goat and fishes are opened up. Standard rice and curry dish with innovative ‘fusion pasta’ option is also there. Different types of ‘naans’ baked in tandoori oven of clay material promise to serve various varieties of breads.

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If classic British Dish, ‘Tikka Masala’ is rich in creamy onions and tomatoes, then ‘Kitchen’s Chettinad’, mildly spiced coconut milk based masala loaded with veggies is never lesser tempting.

Beers and Wines are served as complimentary with other Indian beverages like Masala chai, lassi and flavored milks.

After you are done with the meals, customers can enjoy the delicious desserts such as Gulab jamun, Kheer and home-made ice-cream.

“We want it to be a place where people can feel like they have friends and family around,” Nancy Viswanathan said. “We want to show the beauty of Indian culture and hopefully we can do that through the cuisine.”

The food is served in the striking silver plates, cups, bowls and mugs. The restaurant is featured by exceptionally tedious and fast service. It typically takes 15-20 minutes to prepare and serve the order. Staff members are extremely friendly who keeps filling water into the glasses while checking the tables frequently.

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The restaurant also delivers the food to its destination steaming hot and is available on all the 7 days of the week. Reservations are done and credit cards are accepted with the systematic access to the wheelchairs for the needed people. All ages, affordable.

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The ratings for OM’s food, service and value is 4 out of 5 which is above average.

‘OM Indian Food Fusion Cuisine’ is a preferred dining spot for all age groups where they can enjoy the immense variety of delightful food at affordable prices.

– prepared by Himanshi Goyal of Newsgram. Twitter handle- @Himanshi1104



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