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OnePlus TV, Perfect Choice for Turning Living Room to Theatre

The OnePlus TV interface based on the Android TV provides the most holistic smart TV experience

OnePlus, TV, Living Room
With the latest OnePlus product, a user can be assured of a TV experience that is seamless and clutter-free. Pixabay

Television is a very imperative part of our lifestyle and family time, making it an important household investment. When its an investment, buying a quality product is imperative.

OnePlus TV is the perfect choice for turning a living room to a theatre.

With the latest OnePlus product, a user can be assured of a TV experience that is seamless and clutter-free. The OnePlus TV interface based on the Android TV provides the most holistic smart TV experience. This also enables quick connectivity with your android device and offers a ton of great features like the Google Assistant, Built-in Chromecast, Play Store and YouTube for your smart home.

The OnePlus Q1 Pro comes with a sliding soundbar which compliments the picture quality with immersive acoustic experience. The horizon lights on the stereo speakers provide a futuristic experience to show off to your friends. The 8-speaker stereo system on the OnePlus TV finds the perfect balance between excellent speakers and stunning exterior design.

OnePlus, TV, Living Room
OnePlus TV is the perfect choice for turning a living room to a theatre. Pixabay

With the OnePlus TV, one can be assured of the dynamic viewing experience each time. The synchronously optimized algorithm and hardware, the Gamma Colour Magic on the OnePlus TV brings the highest level of performance and phenomenal image quality.

With this new product, a user can be sure of the vivid details in the pictures, bright colours and optimal contrasts that make the dark even darker and the bright even brighter. The Dolby VisionTM on the OnePlus TV provides clarity in both the dark and the bright areas in every frame with clearer and more vibrant colours.

The Dolby Atmos on the TVs creates the sound to excite your senses and leaves you feeling like you’re a part of what you’re watching.

The bezel-less screen gives maximum body to screen ratio and the matte-finished seamless mesh fabric ensure that the acoustic effect quality is not ruined for you. The Carbon Fiber Pattern Back Cover on the OnePlus TV offers an exquisite hand feel and premium design aesthetic.

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To avoid the hassle of looking for the remote, here’s the OnePlus Connect app. It helps in connecting smartphone to the TV and use it as a remote. The Quick App Switch offers you the experience of smooth navigation. One can also capture screenshots of your TV, using the OnePlus connect app.

The OnePlus TV ensures that there is no hindrance in your phone conversations. It reduces the volume of the TV automatically during incoming calls, will recover the volume when calls end. No need to adjust manually anymore.

With the OnePlus TV, it is easier to configure the network for your TV if mobile is connected to the internet.

The OnePlus TV ensures that a user have a variety of content to browse through and that you are also updated with the latest stuff. The OnePlus TV comes with deep integration with international and local content providers including YouTube, Prime Video, Eros Now, Hungama, Jio Cinema, Zee 5. (IANS)

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6 DIY Home Decor Ideas and Tips for Indian Homes

Here are some simple ideas for home decoration

DIY ideas
Here are some easy-to-follow DIY home decor ideas. Pixabay

Are you looking to decorate your house on a budget? Or you simply want a touch of your personality and talent in your home? Well, whatever the reason maybe, here are 6 do-it-yourself (DIY) home décor ideas for your home:

Make a garden in your living room

Many of us love gardening but have no space for it so we keep potted plants in our balconies. But if you think about modern living room ideas for your home, you could have your own garden on your living room wall! You can create a green wall by placing a few wooden slabs of different lengths to create a pattern and place your potted plants on those slabs. Now, it won’t be just your TV up on the wall. 

Recycle your glass bottles and jars into vases and bulbs

Lighting ideas
Lighting your house can make it look better. Pixabay

Take any unused glass bottles (any colour) and paint them. Fill them with water and place flowers in them to make vases. You could also use the bottles as bulbs by placing fairy lights in them and hanging them from your walls or placing them on your tables. This will add some coloured lighting to your florescent lighting. 

Make a vision board

Take some excess or unused fabric you have and cover it on a wooden board. You have the option to add cotton on the board to make it like a bulletin board. Then print pictures, quotes, or any ‘visions’ of your future goals and stick them on this board. Hang this vision board in your room to remind yourself of your goals every day. 

Light up your house

If you have any unused paper cups from a previous get together, string them together and place LED lights inside to make a garland of paper cups and hang them in your house. Another way to light up your home would be to place candles inside mason jars. You could decorate the jar with lace, yarn, ribbon, cloth, etc. You could also decorate the candles with henna (mehndi). These also work great as Diwali decoration ideas

Mural ideas
Making a mural is one of the best home decor ideas. Lifetime Stock

Make a floating bookshelf

Take panels of wood or metal and drill them to the corner of a wall in asymmetrical fashion. Ensure you have at least 4 or more slabs for enhanced effect. Once completed, it will look like they are floating on the wall. Then you can place your books on the slabs to complete your bookshelf.

Make a mural

A mural is a form of art directly painted or applied on a wall. If you don’t see yourself as a great artist, you could invite a friend over and paint a wall in your house with things that inspire you or come up with a theme that will add to the décor of your home. 

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Decorating your home does not have to be an expensive affair. You could make your home beautiful with simple DIY home décor ideas, and simultaneously save money on decorating.