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Online Learning is very helpful for everyone to acquire skills.

Internet is now the unorthodox way to achieve things. Everything that once was gained through attending courses and classes is now available on your computer. Even seminars are held on the internet. No matter what your passion or hobby is, it can be achieved through the internet. The Internet provides different sites and videos on various topics.

It has made life simple by making it accessible through a click. It has created self-taught people. Different archived contents are now available for everyone to access. After so many revolutions created by the internet, it is also getting involved in academics. Now students can graduate through the internet via online certifications.

Online Certifications are offered by many websites and colleges. These courses need a computer with a steady internet. Online degree courses are like a regular class with flexible timing and without conventional classrooms. A country where 4 percent never attend school, 58 percent didn’t attend primary schools, 90 percent didn’t complete secondary school, and only 10 percent attend colleges, these online certifications are the best way to earn a degree. With the presence of online courses, students now will be able to complete their basic education.

Here’s how online degree courses has brought a learning revolution in India-

  • Online courses have made it possible for students to access world-class teaching. Due to financial or other issues, people cannot attend colleges. Most of them want to pursue their dream but are unable to. These online courses can become an easy way to access the experience of rich education they needed. They can also interact with different teachers to get their doubts clarified.

  • Physically or mentally disabled people need a special way of approach. They cannot go through the conventional classroom system to get their graduation. Many specializations and online degree courses are also available to them. In these, the faculties are experienced to provide the students with the extra patience and care they need. With careful teaching process, brilliant students can also emerge from them.

  • In the traditional way of learning, institutions offered a limited number of courses. Therefore, a student was bound to choose any one from them whether he or she liked it or not. With online degree courses, that is not an issue any more. These courses offer a wide variety of courses. This, in turn, allows the students to choose any course depending upon their liking.

While some of them are learning these courses to quench curiosity, others have high ambitions and often look up to India-born CEOs of top companies. Pixabay

  • Every student has a different pace to grasp the knowledge provided in the class. The college also has a certain number of the semester. During these stipulated time period exams are also conducted. Some students lag due to the time they take to understand a topic. Online courses provide flexible time so that a student can completely understand a topic. This course duration can also be adjusted with the student. They can complete their courses at their own pace without any time bound.

  • Students are also encouraged to interact with their faculty and peers. They are made to work on projects which introduce them with the real world required skills. With the use of the internet, they can simultaneously research and share their ideas. Students also get to interact with equal minded people with different skills and knowledge. Sharing their experience with each other will help them to grow exponentially.

A newly drafted New Education Policy 2019, which will be completely implemented by 2035, will add another revolution to the online courses.

26% believe that online bachelor’s degree is as effective as conventional learning through an affiliated college, and 37 percent believe that online graduate degree is as effective as conventional learning through an affiliated college. Online course, is the best opportunity for the people who due to some issue are unable to attend college and want to explore the job opportunity available under that particular course.

It also encourages the student to participate in the session. Due to the lack of physical interaction with the teachers, the students have to participate in the session to clear their doubts. The student can interact with the teacher through message, email, or video chatting.

India is a country where only 10 percent of the students attend colleges. Maybe due to lack of financial or moral support. For them, online degree courses are an opportunity to explore their field of interest for a job or higher studies.

Online courses also changed the classroom experience. Earlier to attend classes, the student had to travel long distances, and in some cases, they had to travel to another country or state to get their degree. But with this facility, they can get their degree and knowledge from anywhere they feel comfortable.

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In addition to this, they are exposed to a large number of peers having different skills and knowledge. Some colleges also provide hybrid courses, especially for major subjects.

Future of online courses

This is the beginning of the implementation of online degree courses. Many people are also unaware of the availability of courses like these, where there is no worry to travel a long distance and bare the living cost. The students can live in their native and get their degree. Keeping people informed about these courses will attract more and more students to apply for these courses.

With the development of technology, education is getting interesting. These courses make it easily accessible to the students. These will be easily available on the mobiles and tablets. The student can complete his/her assignment or study anywhere they want.

A person needs education and experience to achieve their goals. Without a teacher or a guide getting these experiences is difficult. Online degree or Online Certifications is a revolution for those who want to pursue their dream but can’t. Another major advantage is the projects students work on for their semester. Classroom studies do not always provide the real-world experience needed. The projects that are assigned to the students are based on real-world problems.

Like any other regular class, assignments are also given to the students for practice. They have to complete it at a particular time. Then the students can ask their doubts to the teacher. Online courses bring the real class experience to the computer screen.

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In addition to that, they can also ask their teacher about their doubts and can get answered properly. Most students hesitate to ask questions in front of the class. Here they get the personal space they needed, and now they can ask their doubts freely.

These are the ways how online degree courses have brought a learning revolution in India. Though this is the beginning, they have a long way to go. Online Certifications can get fully implemented until 2035, according to the new education policy. This will surely raise the literacy rate of the country and also increase their overall employability. It will also increase the GDP and skill workers count. Basically, it will help to develop the country as a whole.

Online Certifications have brought an educational revolution in India. Earlier people refrained themselves from education due to some problems, but as education became more easily available, more and more people are interested in learning. It is the path to follow to make everyone literate or at least have basic education.


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Tamil Nadu will host the national blind football tournament for men and women.

Tamil Nadu will host the national blind football tournament for men and women from October 27-30. This is the first time the state is playing host to the national blind football tournament.

The state has formed a blind football team for men only in 2018, and, in 2019 the Tamil Nadu blind football association commenced functioning.

The founder of the TN Blind football association, GR Bharathiraja, while speaking to IANS said, "While we were late in establishing a team and forming an association, we have not lagged behind in training, and a good team is now arranged. We are hosting the national football championship for the blind in both men's and women's categories from October 27."

This is the first time a national-level women's blind football tournament is being conducted while this will be the sixth national blind football tournament for men.

The teams are coached by Francis Sebastian who is an acclaimed blind football coach and he said that the tournament was slated for 2023 but the associations put pressure on the national office-bearers and have made the tournament possible in 2021 itself.

Sebastian, while speaking to IANS, said, "While both the men's and women's teams are performing extremely well, we need more support from sponsors as well as the general public. In the northeastern states of the country, blind football is popular in villages and we are planning to make it popular among the masses of Tamil Nadu, and for that, we need more support and patronage."

The state association, as a first step, is planning to introduce football in every blind school of the state and to train coaches for the same. The blind football association also wants to divide the state into five zones with each zone comprising of some districts and to decentralise the coaching programme so that the game is introduced across the state.

Bharathiraja and Sebastian have said that infrastructural problems are plaguing the game and that the team does not have a playing ground of its own, but the passion for the game is pulling the organisers, players, and coach forward. (IANS/JB)

Keywords: Football, Sports, Blind Tournament. national blind football tournament, Tamil Nadu blind football association

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Japan launched its new satellite, QZS-1R.

Japan has successfully launched a new navigation satellite into orbit that will replace its decade-old navigation satellite.

The satellite, QZS-1R, was launched onboard an H-2A rocket that lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center at 10.19 p.m. on Monday night, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said in a statement.

The company builds and operates H-2A rockets the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

QZS-1R is a replacement for Quasi-Zenith Satellite System 1 satellite first launched in 2010. “It was a really beautiful launch," the company said in a tweet after a successful lift-off.

"H-IIA F44 flight proceeded nominally. Approximately 28 minutes 6 seconds after launch, as planned, the payload separated from the launch vehicle," the statement said.

The official QZSS website lists four satellites in the constellation: QZS-1, QZS-2, QZS-3 and QZS-4, reported.

The QZSS constellation will eventually consist of a total of seven satellites that fly in an orbit passing through a near-zenith (or directly overhead) above Japan, and QZS-R1 is meant to share nearly the same transmission signals as recent GPS satellites, according to JAXA.

It is specially optimised for mountainous and urban regions in Japan, JAXA said.

Mitsubishi's H-2A 202 rocket launch system has been operational since 2003 and has sent satellites to locations such as Venus (Akatsuki) and Mars (Emirates Mars Mission).

The latest H2-A rocket launch is the first since November 29, 2020, when Japan launched an advanced relay satellite with laser communications tech into orbit, the report said. (IANS/JB)

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Fireworks light up the night sky

Everyone loves firecrackers, even the most environment-friendly advocates cannot hide their joy when they see these delightful lights colour the skies. India celebrates Diwali in the true spirit of her culture and heritage by spraying the navy-blue skies with sparkling hues of gold, silver, red, and green. Firecrackers are not just a tradition in this country, they are a legacy.

The original connotation one makes with fireworks in China. The elaborate Chinese celebrations with dragons and zapping firecrackers have left their mark in human memory, but the use of fireworks is not limited to heralding the Chinese New Year. All over the world, fireworks have come to symbolise the ultimate celebration. During Diwali in India, this spirit is re-ignited every year.

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