‘Operation Talwar’, A Story Of The Valour Of The Indian Navy

Today is Indian Navy Day. The Indian Water Border Guard protects the Indian frontier every moment. Let us see a small glimpse of his valor

Operation talwar
Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year on 4 December. Flickr


If the border of a country is secure, then both development and history can be created. All the three armies of India are ready to defend India at every moment. December 4 is known as Indian Navy Day. Security on all three fronts of water, land, and sky has been well done by the Indian Army.

In the Kargil War with Pakistan, we overheard the Army and Air Force, but we do not know much about those who quietly disarmed the enemy. Pakistan was forced to beg because it was impossible for Pakistan to escape the strategy which the Navy had adopted.

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What was Operation Talwar?

Operation Vijay started by the Indian Army, while the Air Force started Operation White Sagar to maintain the front. The operation that the Navy carried out to weaken Pakistan was called Operation Talwar. The Navy had to ensure at the time of war that Pakistan does not invade India by sea. For this, the Navy had given aggressive patrolling on the water borders. Moreover, the routes coming towards the ports of Pakistan were also stopped.

Operation talwar
Indian Navy Ships during the practice. Flickr

The result of this strategy was that fear of economic crisis started looming over Pakistan. All the leaders of Pakistan started to sweat. In a hurry, then Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif had to say that “the country has only fuel left to live for six days now.” India disarmed Pakistan on the battlefield as well as on the trade front.

Pakistan was afraid that Indian Navy ships would not attack it. The Indian Navy started exercises in the North Arabian Sea to confuse Pakistan, which was named ‘SummerX’. And this was the initiative of the Navy to weaken Pakistan on the diplomatic and trade front.

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Naval Force: Sum no Varuna: The strength of the Indian Navy

The Indian Navy has 1 aircraft carrier battle vessel and soon the Indian Navy will have one more in the fleet. There are 1 nuclear-powered deadly submarine and 2 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines. There are 150 ships and submarines and 300 combat aircraft in India’s fleet. The Indian Navy currently has 67,252 active and 55,000 service reserve personnel. The President of India Ram Nath Kovind is the supreme commander of the three armies.