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Oppo stepped in wearing segment after introducing smart watches. Flickr

Smartphone brand OPPO has finally entered the wearable segment with a smartwatch that aims to woo Indian consumers on Android who are looking forward to owning a good-looking smartwatch.

The ‘OPPO Watch’ is powered by Google WearOS and comes with premium smartwatch features such as heart-rate monitoring and advanced health tracking.

The smartwatch comes in 41mm and 46mm variants, priced at Rs 14,990 and Rs 19,990, respectively.

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The 41mm variant has a 1.6-inch regular AMOLED display with 320×360 pixels resolution and 301ppi pixel density, whereas its 46mm counterpart offers a 1.91-inch flexible dual-curved AMOLED display with 402×476 pixels resolution and 326ppi pixel density.

We used the 46mm variant (black color) for a couple of days and here is what we think about the device. Text and icons are adequately sharp and clear and the curved display sides manage to instantly give it a distinctive look. In terms of design, the OPPO Watch looks every bit like an Apple Watch. The similarities extend to the body, straps, and fascia as well.

Oppo smartwatch has several features including Airplane Mode, Torch, Brightness, Do Not Disturb, Theatre Mode, and Touch Lock. Flickr

The backside has sensors including the heart rate sensor and pins for charging. The smartwatch looks good on the wrist, owing to its compact size and perfect straps. It comes with two buttons on the side. The two buttons on the right side can be used for the App drawer, Homescreen, and the Sports mode.

The multi-function button below it is also stable in its functionality across the main Wear OS UI. At around 40 grams, it is neither too heavy nor too light. The loudspeaker is on the left side with a microphone for Google Assistant input. The loudspeakers can be used for calls as well as for interacting with the Google Assistant.

The singular microphone on the watch is also perfectly decent to give the Google assistant instructions.

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Swiping from the bottom opens the notification panel and from the top opens the Control Center or you can say the quick shortcuts including Airplane Mode, Torch, Brightness, Do Not Disturb, Theatre Mode, and Touch Lock. The left side has Google Assistant and will need to connect to the Wi-Fi in order to use it.

The company has provided a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC, which is powering the smartwatch along with an Apollo3 co-processor for power efficiency, paired with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage.

The left side of the Oppo smartwatch has Google Assistant and will need to connect to the Wi-Fi in order to use it. Twitter

The Snapdragon chip enables its Smart mode that offers all its preloaded features, while the Apollo3 chip drives the Power Saver mode that offers functions such as message notifications, step tracking, and heart rate monitoring.

During the review, the watch functioned seamlessly, offering a smooth experience. The smartwatch packs all the niceties you could want in a modern Wear OS smartwatch. Furthermore, the OPPO Watch houses feature like fitness tracking, sleep quality, get-up reminders, and breathing.

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It is also 5ATM water-resistant, rated to be safe at pressure levels equivalent to 50 meters underwater. The smartwatch comes with ‘Watch VOOC Flash Charging’ that can charge up to 46 percent battery in just 15 minutes. To charge it fully, one will have to wait for about an hour.

Conclusion: If you’re specifically looking for a ‘Wear OS’ smartwatch, the Oppo Watch is an easy recommendation. It offers enough reasons to take on smartwatches from Huawei, Honor, and others, and impresses a lot with its design, display as well as an attractive price tag. (IANS)



Beauty icons Kriti Sanon and Shanaya Kapoor believe in natural and clean beauty products.

Clean beauty products are making inroads and have gained a significant share of the beauty market, with more more people becoming aware of the their benefits. With each passing year thanks to technology, research and development natural ingredients have finally regained their place in the spotlight. Don't take our word for it, beauty icons Kriti Sanon and Shanaya Kapoor also believe in natural and clean beauty products, and associate with the 'Naturali' range launched by RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group. The new age nature-inspired personal care brand aims to provide a one-of-a kind experience to their customer infused with trendy natural ingredients delivering quick visible results.

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