OPPO To Bring SuperVOOC Charging With its New Smartphone Soon

Oppo's VOOC charger was first introduced with the launch of "F1 Plus" smartphone in India in 2016

OPPO announces world’s 1st under-screen camera phone. (Wikimedia Commons)

After launching its patented flash charging technology in smartphones, Chinese smartphone-maker OPPO on Monday announced that the brand is set to debut an even better version of fast-charging technology — SuperVOOC — with the launch of “R17 Pro” smartphone in December in India.

With SuperVOOC in OPPO’s latest offering, the devices would charge 40 per cent charge in 10 minutes, the company said in a statement.

From VOOC to SuperVOOC, the output power is maximised from 5V, 4A and 20W to 10V, 5A and close to 50W — which will save time and facilitate fast and safe charging.

OPPO Adopts New Gorilla Glass 6 Technology earlier this year. Flickr

The technology adopts a bi-cell design, which during charging can distribute the output voltage of 10V and reduce the voltage of each cell by half.

The SuperVOOC technology is also patented by OPPO and has been designed as a solution to the need for a quick, reliable, safe and long-lasting charging technology with a five-core protection that would check the safety level when the phone is charging, the company said.

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All nodes including the charging plug, USB cable, mobile phone and battery are separately protected by specialised chips.

Oppo’s VOOC charger was first introduced with the launch of “F1 Plus” smartphone in India in 2016. (IANS)


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