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OTT reboots in coming months. Pixabay

There is a long list of reboots, revivals, and reunions planned for the streaming space, with writers getting on the storyboard to find something new in the old tales, and revisit the success formula. The trend of reboots and revivals is not new, but it is seeing a resurgence in the streaming world, which can be termed as a way to get viewers to reconnect with the legacy of the past. This is widely regarded as a crucial move to expand the subscription base for OTT players.

The Nielsen ratings, from time to time, have comprehensively proved there is always a loyal audience of subscribers who use streaming platforms to re-watch familiar shows, and that is the reason why many studios and companies are not hesitant in pumping big money into reviving old hit shows.

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IANS lists major reboots lined up in the coming months these are mostly made for OTTs and are sure to invoke nostalgia and prove to be a blast from the past.


Serial killer Dexter will be back with the revival of the suspense drama. Michael C. Hall, who starred as the title character in the original series, will reprise the role while showrunner Clyde Phillips will also be back on board for the 10-episode series. It will be a continuation of the last series’ finale.

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Will Smith and Morgan Cooper have got together to reimagine the beloved comedy The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Titled Bel-Air, the fresh version will delve into the conflicts and emotions of being a person of color in the US. It will be infused with comedy. It is being made for a streaming platform.


Iconic show- Friends. Flickr

The much-awaited special reunion episode of the iconic show will mark what could be the hottest revival on the small screen in 2021. Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry will feature in the special, which was scheduled to happen last year but was delayed because of the pandemic. The special will air on HBO Max.

Sex And The City

The girls of Sex And The City will be back for another adventure and romantic rendezvous. Titled “And Just Like That�”, the chapter will see Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kirstin Davis reprising their roles. Kim Cattrall will not return as Samantha. The revival for HBO Max will follow Carrie Bradshaw (Parker), Charlotte York (Davis), and Miranda Hobbes (Nixon) as they navigate love and friendship in their 50s.

True Blood

The reboot of classic True Blood is in the early development stages. The original series creator and showrunner Alan Ball is associated with the show as an executive producer. As of now, none of the show’s original cast has been confirmed to return in the reboot, which is being developed for HBO Max. The show, based on “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” a novel series by Charlaine Harris, takes place in a world where vampires live among humans, thanks to the creation of a synthetic blood substitute that allowed vampires to stop hunting humans for food. It was infused with a lot of fantastical elements, including werewolves and witches.


The 2000s teen sitcom is being revived for streaming service Paramount+ . At the moment, Jerry Trainor, Miranda Crosgrove, and Nathan Kress are confirmed to return to the show.

Gossip Girl

Drama show- Gossip Girl. Flickr

The hit and subversive drama is getting new life with a revival series on HBO Max. The original Gossip Girl, which ended in 2012 after six seasons, was based on the novel series written by Cecily von Ziegesar. It was about the antics of a group of Manhattan teenagers. The reboot will feature a new generation of private-school teens who will be navigating the new world of social media-driven gossip.

Conan The Barbarian

A live-action series based on Conan, the character created by writer Robert E. Howard, is being developed by Netflix. No actor has been attached to play the iconic role at the moment. In the past, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Momoa brought the sword-wielding character alive on screen.

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An OTT reboot of the children’s series Ghostwriter is under work. It will follow four kids whose neighborhood bookstore is being haunted by a ghost. The show is being made for AppleTV+.


The OTT reboot of Bewitched will focus on a black female witch who falls in love with a white mortal man. Kenya Barris and Yamara Taylor are attached to the project to write and executive-produce the reboot. The original series starred Elizabeth Montgomery, a witch with magical powers who marries a mortal man, Darren. (IANS)


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