Outswinger:Sonia Gandhi Writes to Pope representing we all Indians- Shame, Pure Shame!

Swami Vivekananda had said hundreds of years ago: “Every man going out of the Hindu pale is not only a man less but an enemy one more.”

Ms. Sonia Gandhi. Her full name is Antonia Edvige Albina Maino. Wikimedia Commons

Here we go!

Now, Italian-born Antonia Edvige Albina Maino has written to the Pope on behalf of every Indian, including our nearly 20 million Catholics!

Sorry for this tongue twister name, I am sure the majority of my Indian brethren (including me) will find difficult to remember. However, she is also known as Sonia Gandhi.

Today on September 4, 2016, Mother Teresa is being canonized, ie, a sainthood is being conferred upon her by the Pope Francis in Rome. Vatican Church is a powerful body in the world and thus no wonder , world leaders are lining up to witness the event. Prime Minister Narendra Modi -whose BJP party is known to sympathize with Hindus (perceptibly!)- has asked his Minister of External Affairs Shrimati Sushma Swaraj to hurry up to Rome lest India look poor in the ‘eyes of the world’. And, yes, Swaraj’s airplane with as many as 22 delegates has already dashed on the Italian ground!

Naturally, Swaraj madam has gleefully boasted about this as if there is nothing else to do in this world!

To which a concerned and awake Indian asked:


It seems this whole canonization is being made an earth shattering event!

Coming back to Sonia Mania Maino Gandhi!

Why is she writing on behalf of EVERY citizen of India? And then on behalf of OUR nearly 20 million Catholics!

Note her exact sentences:

“Every citizen of India, including our nearly 20 million Catholics, takes immense pride and joy on the recognition by your Holiness and the Catholic Church of Mother Teresa’s profound nobility of soul, purity of purpose, and service to God through service to humanity.”

Ms. Sonia Gandhi adds: “Mother Teresa was one of the most revered, loved and admired figure in India and she was given Bharat Ratna — the country’s highest civilian award.”

Sonia 1


Sonia 2

Ok, guys here is my take on this whole process:

  1. Sorry, Sonia Gandhi ji, I do not authorize you to represent me or my India on this canonization of Mother Teresa. Your letter simply emboldens the evangelist tendencies of the Church. One of the most lethal activity the evangelists do is to CONVERT the religion of non-Christians to Christianity. Thus, it follows that they serve people in order to convert. This does not sell with me and my value system!
  2. Mother Teresa no doubt served the poor and the destitute on Kolkata, but India has paid (and continues to) a heavy price for religious conversions. As Swami Vivekananda said hundreds of years ago: “Every man going out of the Hindu pale is not only a man less but an enemy one more”. From my blog post as back as in 2011, I raised a few points. Reproducing for your convenience:
  3.  Indians have a great sense of reverence for Mother Teresa. The popular impression is that Teresa was a foreigner lady who came to our country and devoted her life to the service of mankind. She did, no doubt, serve the sick and poor people by providing a healing touch, love, and care. However, there was much more than that. She had an incentive in her heart to serve such people: a motive to bring these people closer to God. But the problem is that she wanted them to be closer to her chosen God (Jesus) by weaning them from their current faith. I strongly believe that we (Indians) need to expose the misdeeds of Mother Teresa -who in the name of serving the poor and destitute- exploited the situation to CONVERT their faith.
  4. In a book “Hindus Under Seige: The Way Out” by Subramanian Swamy, a mention comes of Mr. Keating -who donated millions of dollars to her charity working in India. Mr. Keating had looted public money and was being convicted for the crime in the USA. The communication between Teresa and the American court will give you an insight about the morality of Mother Teresa whose deeper design was to convert Hindus and others to Christianity.
  5. There is a dichotomy between her resolve to help the poor and the sick, yet she opposed abortions (her religious conviction). In a way, she was opposed to birth control. And, needless to say, overpopulation has a direct relationship with poverty. Many would agree that Mother Teresa needed poverty to glorify her deeds.



  1. Thank you Sonia Gandhi for this nice gesture on behalf of the whole of India. Don’t worry about this spineless and gutless bastard who can only attack a woman and hide as a coward when confronting a man. He is not saying a word about the Muslims who convert Hindus to Islam. He doesn’t have the guts to stand up to the Muslims.You are more Indian Woman then the whole of India put together. We are proud of you.

  2. Sonia has no right to write on behalf of all Indians. Teresa is a highly controversial figure. Congress is seeing this as a political tool. In many churches in India pastors and missionaries ask Christians to vote for Congress as it is a Christian party. Sonia and her family and party openly and covertly support conversions in our country. Audacious she dares write falsely representing all Indians. Indian government is falling in the trap of lending credence to the Vatican’s design and Indianising Roman Catholicism. India has not treated the great Rishis and Gurus of India well or propagated their universal value system. Infact, Christian Congress headed by Sonia actively sought to remove Vedic literature and values from schools and distort history books and sought to drive wedges between the Hindu and Muslim communities so that her co-religionists and Roman Catholicism appears benign and peaceful. Sonia even introduced special visas for foreign missionaries. Teresa is being canonised despite serious controversies and doubts over her credentials and motivation. Teresa is being used by Vatican and missionaries as a tool to further the cause of converting India.

  3. I cant comment on Sonia Gandhi ji bcoz I am not in politics. but I can put some light against the points mentioned here. Point 1 Mother helped everyone not only Christians or converts. Point 2 You cant control on who donate but you can control how you utilize the resources. Point 3 If not poor than should she help rich who were not ready to touch the lepers and needed.


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