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Job opportunity in the middle of crisis. Pixabay

Even as the Covid pandemic has battered many lives across India, some have turned this crisis into an opportunity. One such person is Farooq Alam of Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district.

Two years ago, Alam was an employee at a private firm in Delhi, but today he provides self-employment to 30-35 people in his Bangra Sugauli village. Alam, 36, went to seek a job in Delhi four to five years back after he failed to secure employment in his state.

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Discover the role of trade unions. Pixabay

As the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, denting economies and devastating medical infrastructures, the role of the trade union movement in India and its widely accepted irrelevance in the changed circumstances, merits a deeper analysis. What is the role of trade unions in a new globalized, privatized, and liberal socio-economic order that seems to have found popular acceptance in most emerging societies?

Looking at the long queues of litigants at the labor courts, it would appear that trade unions have lost the will to fight it out in the field with strikes or direct action. They now prefer to get engaged in protracted disputes settled by litigation committees or tribunals.

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Digital library. Pixabay

Make a library or read a fictionalized biography of Kasturba Gandhi, who was as strong and great as the Mahatma; there’s a love saga between a widower and an estranged woman; a tale of a new woman at the turn of Independence; analyze the relevance of older values in present-day life and the need to change with the times; observe the generational change and conflict in a Tamil community.

There’s this and much more as starting Library Saturday, over the next 20 days, Niyogi Books offers you a digital library from its Thornbird imprint a compelling melange of Indian language literature in translation — one book a day at Re 1 each, in collaboration with the Indian Novels Collective and downloadable on Amazon.

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Book 'Child of two worlds'. IANS

Turkey-based author Ann D’Silva has launched her new book “Child of Two Worlds”, which is second in the fictional ‘Sand and Sea’ series, which features the protagonists and immortal lovers ‘Kum’ (sand) and ‘Deniz’ (sea).

The book was launched online last week on Amazon. It is about true love which is ever entwined with a higher calling. The majestic sand and the mysterious sea are immortal lovers, protectors, guardians of the path of Good (”Taqwa”) against Evil (”Fujur”).

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