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Pakistan bureaucracy is largely inefficient says media

Islamabad: A daily noted that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi cut down his cabinet to streamline decision making whereas Pakistan’s bureaucracy is bloated, over paid, and grossly inefficient.

An editorial “When bigger is not better” in The News International said that the inefficiency of the countless ministries running the affairs of Pakistan is no secret, but the sitting government goes a step ahead to set new precedents.

The government failed to appoint permanent heads to some 12 ministries and divisions.

“How any organization can function without a strong leadership and direction is beyond common sense, but affairs are being run, and targets are being met- such are the official claims. If this is true, that we are doing well without these missing managers; why do we need so many official posts to begin with?”

The daily said that Pakistan is perhaps one of the few countries in the world that require a horde of government officials to carry out a simple task.

“Our bureaucracy is bloated, over paid and grossly inefficient…”

It observed that poor governance has caused ministries to become redundant and talents and skills of people go to waste.

“The Nawaz Sharif governance style remains colonial at best- the state machinery is run through a group made up of the prime minister’s family members and close friends. The cabinet has reportedly met only three times in 2015. If ministerial duty is just a farce then why spend national exchequer on these ministries?”

The editorial went on to say that the Finance Ministry has perfected the art of “concealing the true financial position of the government from the public and yet no one is held accountable for inefficiency or corruption.”

It said that the government must prioritize and shake up its government structure to eliminate the unnecessary.

“Indian PM Modi cut down his cabinet recently, to streamline decision making.”

“We have too many ministry portfolios and departments- we do not need this many ministers and secretaries. The international standard is to have a smaller cabinet, but in Pakistan, these positions are less about management and more about rewarding party members.”



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