Paper Bags to replace Plastic Bags in Andhra Pradesh Temples to counter Environmental Pollution

Government bans the use of plastic products in temples


Amravati, April 7, 2017: Plastic is one of the most important daily use items in human life especially polyethene bags.

They are used to carry things all around the world conveniently. However, it has also been acknowledged that these plastic bags are a threat to the environment and can prove to be fatal for the animals. There has been a widespread call for prohibiting the use of plastic products but less has been done to implement the same.

However, the Andhra Pradesh government is all set to ban the use of plastic products in the temples in the state. All the temples in the state will be free of plastic waste soon. The state government has issued orders, prohibiting use of plastic bags on the temple premises.

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Directives were issued to the authorities of all temples to allow paper bags without the images of deities as a substitute for packing of prasadam and laddus, said Principal Secretary to Endowment Department JSV Prasad.

The State government has decided to implement the ordered of the Supreme Court to ban the use of plastic bags, mentioned report.

The Apex Court had given the order following a PIL by A Mithra H Patel in 1996.

The paper covers and paper bags should be deposited in dustbins after using them, he said. The government has taken a decision to ban the use of plastic covers to save the temple premises from pollution and avert a threat to ecology.

What will be the results of the decision is yet to be seen as it depends completely on the common man to implement the law and contribute towards saving mother nature. However, The factor that plastic bags are quite popular with the common masses can not be ignored.

-prepared by Nikita Tayal of NewsGram Twitter @NikitaTayal6