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Playback Singer Papon encourages Music Apps to play non-Film Music

Papon, is an Indian singer, composer and record producer from Assam.

Papon, Wikimedia

Delhi, Dec 11, 2016: Playback Singer Papon, who has given us some of the most ethereal bollywood- film songs, vouches for non-filmy music as well, believes that non-filmy music struggles to take lead and that it needs a platform to rise up. And this is where music apps and radio channels are important.

According to PTI report, he said, “They’re definitely niche (music apps) but they are also much bigger than what they were five years ago. Non-film music or platforms that push non-film music can only be a part of the mainstream if we have radio stations that play non-film music.

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That’s the only solution. If platforms like that push different styles of music, from different parts of the country, more people will get to hear it. And that’s what we need.”

Papon was recently roped in for Saavn’s ‘Artist-in- Residence Program’, designed exclusively for breakthrough artists.

“The Artist-in-Residence programme is a very positive step, and I’m very excited to be a part of it. This association comes at a great time for me as I have been working on some new ideas that I can’t wait to share with my fans. He also gave a glimpse of his current endeavors, “We’re planning something exciting for my forthcoming EP, The Story Now and Saavn is helping me put it together,” Papon said.

prepared by Shambhavi Sinha of NewsGram. Twitter:  @shambhavispeaks

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IPRS and Google Sign Music Licensing Deal For India

YouTube has a strong and pioneering role to play in encouraging creators and connecting them with markets and users

Google, Main One, russia
A Google logo is displayed at the entrance to the internet based company's offices in Toronto. VOA

Mumbai-based Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS) that represents composers, lyricists and music publishers on Tuesday granted a license to Google to utilise the group members work in India across Google-owned YouTube and related services.

“The IPRS-Google agreement is a historic milestone for Indian authors and music composers as well as music publishers. I congratulate and thank Google for backing Indian artistes, music publishers and the creative fraternity in such a strong way in India,” lyricist and scriptwriter Javed Akhtar, Chairman of IPRS, said in a statement.

YouTube has a strong and pioneering role to play in encouraging creators and connecting them with markets and users, Akhtar added.

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According to Christophe Muller, Global Head of Music Licensing, YouTube, this is yet another step in YouTube’s ongoing commitment to ensure that writers, composers and publishers continue to be paid fairly.

“We’re pleased to have reached this important agreement with IPRS that will bring more value to songwriters and artists, and deliver an incredible experience to music fans in India,” said Muller. (IANS)