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In recent years we have witnessed that dating between people increasingly transitioned to the Internet. Pexels

In recent years we have witnessed that dating between people increasingly transitioned to the Internet. According to surveys, more than half of Internet users consider this a positive transition. First of all, it’s convenient. Secondly, it’s safe. And thirdly, it erases any geographical boundaries.

The modern person has many ways to meet online. But we want to concentrate on the two most convenient ones. These are dating websites and video chats. In order to better understand their features and functionality, we will consider several popular services in greater detail.

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Dating websites worthy of your attention

We shall say right away that there are many resources, the popularity of which is limited to its region. However, we want to speak about platforms that are well-known in most developed countries and cities, even though, a different website or application may be a leader in your region. So, let’s get started!

Recently, Tinder has become very popular as the number of users exceeds 50 million people. Unsplash

  1. Match. com. This is one of the most popular dating websites with a leading position in 23 countries. It has been operating since 1995 and is highly trusted by hundreds of thousands of people. More than 35 million registered users visit Match. com every month. The service has well-developed algorithms for selecting partners that suit you. And this is the feature that many users cite in their reviews as the main reason to use Match.
  2. Tinder. This is a website and dating app for young people that has been operating since 2012. Recently, Tinder has become very popular – the number of users exceeds 50 million people. In the reviews, many people talk about the usability of the website/application. Photos of other users appear in front of you, and you choose whether you like the person or not. And if your sympathies coincide, you can start communicating.
  3. OkCupid. In many ways, this is a unique project developed by Harvard students. It is based on matching algorithms based on a number of criteria including the answers to questions from other people’s questionnaires and drawing up their own. Based on the questions/answers, OkCupid finds the best match for you and invites you to chat.
  4. Badoo. Functionally, this website and application resemble Tinder, but they appeared much earlier – in 2006. Here you can fill out your own profile and upload photos, view other people’s profiles, like pictures and chat. Badoo is a kind of social network with an emphasis on dating. According to the developers, the number of registered users here exceeds 250 million.

With such a variety, it is not so easy to choose the dating service that will be optimal for you. And in order not to waste time experimenting, we recommend reading reviews of popular websites. For example, on you can find many reviews from real users about the listed resources.

Video chats for dating and communication

Not everyone wants to spend time on registration, filling out a profile, answering questions and such. For such users, anonymous web chats are an excellent choice. Most of them do not need to register, and communication can be started literally in one click. And the selection of webcam chats is really great.

Open any CooMeet review and you will surely see that users are praising the gender filter. Pinterest

  1. Omegle. This is the ancestor of all random video chats starting back in 2009. At that moment, the service simply had no analogues. The website has been one of the leaders in the segment for more than 10 years and is used by hundreds of thousands of people a month. Many people note the high speed of work, the simplicity of the interface and the general convenience. But at the same time, they talk about an outdated design and a lack of a number of useful functions. For example, you cannot search for interlocutors by gender or geolocation.
  2. Chatroulette. This is the closest analogue of Omegle from Andrey Ternovsky, the developer from Russia. Some time after the launch, the website was very popular, and the daily number of users in 2010 reached one and a half million people. But later, due to the lack of any moderation and limited functions, the audience quickly moved to other websites. As many users now say in their reviews, the website still has no adequate moderation, and the audience here is not the best – there are very few girls and a lot of questionable users.
  3. CooMeet. This website can rightfully be called an improved chat roulette. And its key advantage is the ability to choose the gender of the interlocutor. That is, if you are a man, you will only communicate with girls. It is very convenient and simply gives a lot of prospects for dating. Open any CooMeet review and you will surely see that users are praising the gender filter.
  4. Chatrandom. This is one of the leaders in terms of the number of additional features among web chats. There are thematic chat rooms by interests, and private chats, and a filter by gender and geolocation. Some functions are available for free, while for additional ones you will have to pay a fee. But in most cases, it’s worth it. Satisfied users say this in their reviews.

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In general, the basic functionality of random chats is quite similar. And it can be difficult for a beginner to figure out which service to choose. Therefore, we remind you that you should definitely read the reviews about a particular website before using. So, you will learn everything you need to know: how to use the chat roulette, what the audience is, what functions are available for free, and which ones are available upon subscription.

You can read reviews about CooMeet at They are constantly updated with the new ones, so the information is 100% up-to-date. You can also leave your own reviews, tell us what you like about this or that service, and what would be worth improving or changing. This not only helps other users, but also allows developers to see their flaws and fix them. Enjoy your communication on dating websites and chat roulettes. Find the best platforms and meet new interesting people every day!

(Disclaimer: The article is sponsored, and hence promotes some commercial links.)


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