Patrons support NewsGram

Final Logo Twitter picNewsGram ( is a public-funded media organization that we started in February of 2015. Right from beginning, it has been supported by generous patrons.

Dr. Kallol Guha from Chicago land has been most generously supporting NewsGram right from the inception. Dr. Guha is very passionate about the issues related to culture, traditions and heritage and has been instrumental in sensitizing to the needs of language and livelihood.

In the months of August- September, 2015, Mr. Ravi Gupta– an economist working in District of Columbia-  donated USD 3,000 to support the ongoing efforts of NewsGram.

Mr. Anjani Poddar from UAE has supported NewsGram all along. In the month of July, 2015, Mr. Poddar donated a water cooler for our office in New Delhi.

Not to mention that several individuals have been assisting the efforts at NewsGarm as volunteers in one way or another.


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