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Here’s why people are Inclining Towards Shopping Malls Over Street Markets!


New Delhi, July 9, 2017:

“People are always going to go shopping. A lot of our effort is just: ‘How do we make the retail experience a great one?” -Philip Green

Needless to say, the urban lifestyle that we follow- ‘Shopping’ has become a therapy for some, and a necessity for others! Howsoever one may categorize shopping as one will not disagree with the conviction that it is almost indispensable. Sometimes you like shopping, sometimes you need to, but whatever the case be, you do it anyway!

You always know when would you like to or when would you need to go shopping, but where are you gonna shop from, can be a tricky question. Most people, subconsciously, tend to choose a place that’s reliable and will satisfy their needs, but for people who are brand conscious, that happens to be a shopping mall.


There are a lot of reasons why people have started to get inclined towards shopping malls. In fact, shopping at malls has become a status symbol. People have become so brand conscious that they always need to have an answer to the question- “Which brand is this from?”

Brand image, precisely, is an addition to the list of things that people can be judged for. This suggests that we live in a society where the quality of the clothes we are wearing have become less of a clothing and more of a status symbol.

Better marketing tactics adopted by big brands are the primary reason for their huge scale business, some of which the street markets cannot even think of implementing in their businesses. Comfort could be considered as another reason for people choosing shopping malls over street markets, since malls are fully air conditioned and one doesn’t need to sweat under the sun to buy his/her favorite shoes.

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Street markets are often looked upon as “Girl markets” because wandering from one shop to another, bargaining, or maybe eating chaat or momo in between, is generally considered to be a girl thing.

In fact, most of the popular street markets have a bulk of women stuff and neutral stuff, but men usually don’t have too many options, therefore, men hesitate to go for street shopping and find shopping at malls as a more convenient option. Quality and customization are also the strength of malls and, simultaneously, the weakness of street markets.

Apparently, several reasons can be given as to why street markets have seen such a fall in their customer base. However, one may not disagree that in the world of shopping, street markets have a place of their own, and can not be substituted.

– prepared by Samiksha Goel. Twitter: @goel_samiksha

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Women go for Luxury Brands due to their Social Circle: Survey

Handbags, Pixabay

New Delhi, April 29, 2017: When it comes to buying high-end bags, most of the old-school shoppers go for luxury products because of their social circle, a survey has revealed.

My Luxury Bargain, a portal for buying and selling of pre-owned luxury, conducted a survey to understand the mindset of the old school and the new school female luxury shoppers.

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The sample size was 300 women within age group 18 to 45. The classification was – users from 18 to 32 years were considered new school and 33 to 45 years old school, read a statement.

According to the survey, as many as 63 per cent of old school shopper buy luxury products because of their social circle, and 37 per cent new school shopper buys luxury products because of the feel good factor.

It also showed that 52 per cent of old school shopper said they will stick to brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and, while 48 per cent of new school shopper said they will try new brands like Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Givenchy and Balenciaga.

According to 57 per cent of old school shoppers price of the bag has to be justified by the size of the bag and the brand name whereas 43 per cent of new school shopper buys what they like without any justification.

As many as 68 per cent of old school shoppers preferred to shop abroad and 32 per cent of new school shoppers shops through reputed foreign as well as domestic website

When it comes to accessories by high-end brands, 28 per cent of old school shoppers said that they will not buy luxury designer accessories but 72 per cent of new school shoppers were willing to buy them and use them in an innovative way. (IANS)

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Tis the Holiday Season! A Five-Point Guide to Goa- Live like a true Goan!

Palolem Beach, Goa, Wikimedia

New Delhi, Dec 29, 2016: It’s the holiday season, which means packing your bags and setting off to a destination which has been sending you invites in your dreams throughout the year. And for most of us, that dream holiday destination is, “drum rolls in the background”- GOA!

The aesthetically pleasing beaches, the moreish sea food on the shacks, the colorful attires and jewellery in Goan flea markets, the artistic churches and the Bollywood famous- Dudhsagar Falls, everything calls out loud to every soul who craves for a soul soothing experience.

But what are the major attractions in Goa? What do the Goans do? How do they bask in the enriching air of Goa? Here is a holistic guide to enjoy Goa like never before. Because, when in Goa, live as a Goan!

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  1. Where to Shop

When you visit any foreign country, state, city or town, one of the most important things to do is shop in the local markets of that place. Just like Delhi has Sarojini and Mumbai has Colaba Causeway, Goa has its own flea markets and other markets which every Goan lives by! Anjuna Wednesday Market is a market which happensevery Wednesday has many goods and food stalls to engage people. Calangute Market is also a must visit for people who want to buy jewellery, souvenirs, clothes etc. Panjim Market, Mapusa Market and Margao Market are also a must visit for shopaholics. There are many night markets also like Baga Night Market, Saturday Night Market at Arpora and Mackie’s Night Bazaar where you can crash in after a day at the beach.

  1. What and Where to-Eat

Goa has its palatable cuisine of sea food. Fresh prawns, crabs, pomfrets, lobsters and many other varieties of fishes adorn the menus of the restaurants and shacks in Goa. Goan prawn curry, Fish Recheado, Bebinca, Rava fried fish, Chicken Cafreal are few of the delectable dishes of the vast Goan cuisine.

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Cafe Real in Panaji, Palácio do Deâo in Quepem which has amazing Portuguese food, Sakana in Vagator, Noronha’s Corner in Anjuna are few places where you can satisfy your hunger. Pousada on the Beach in Calangute, La Plage in Ashwem Beach and Surya Beach Cafe in Galgibag Beach are few places to eat on Goan beaches with the sun and sand.

  1. Hire a Bike

The best way to explore Goa is on a bike, said every Goan ever! There are many agencies in Panaji from where you can hire a bike to explore the streets and sides of Goa. The rates of hiring bikes are not very high and easily affordable also. Hiring a Bajaj Pulsar for around a day costs 800 rupees and a Honda Activa scooter for around 400 rupees.

Hiring a Royal Enfield is slightly expensive, it costs 1200 rupees a day but these are the rates for peak season. The hiring rates go a notch down in off season where a Bajaj Pulsar or Honda Activa costs 250 rupees a day and Royal Enfield costs under 1000 bucks ie. 900 rupees. So, hire a bike and scoot away to every beach and every shore!

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  1. Explore the Churches

A Goa visit is incomplete without visiting the beautifully architectured, majestic churches. Bom Jesus Basilica is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the oldest churches in Old Goa. S E Cathedral is another major attraction in Goa. It is the largest church in India and holds a strong Portugal history behind it. Monte Hill, Church of Lady Rosary, Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception are other few of the many churches that Goa has.

  1. Cruises and parties

There is an extravagant and shiny side to the Goan life too! Goa has beaches and parties are a very important and cannot-be-missed feature of the Goan beaches. So many themed parties and cruises happen in Goa all year round. One can also spot dolphins on a cruise. So, sail away!

– by Shambhavi Sinha of NewsGram. Twitter:  @shambhavispeaks