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The Perfect Rolex Watch for Every Member of Your Family

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When you decide to gift a watch to someone close to your heart, it is more than just a symbol of your love and undying affection for them. Every single movement of the hand beneath the watch glass is a gentle reminder of the treasure that is time, and symbolic of the time that you have spent with the person. And nothing quite expresses your heart’s desire other than a specially chosen timepiece from the vast Rolex watches collection placed carefully in the gift box, waiting to be unwrapped.

The often used phrase ‘timeless beauty’ fits seamlessly with a Rolex, unlike with any other watch brand. It is, therefore, only right that you gift one to the ones that hold the highest regard in your life: your family. Whether it is your mother’s birthday, your parents’ wedding anniversary, your brother’s first day at the office, or your sister’s graduation day, you can seal the occasion forever by gifting them stunning timepieces from Rolex watch collections that compliment them perfectly.

If you’re worried where you would find that perfect Rolex timepiece in India, then you’d be glad to know that world class retailers like Ethos Watch Boutiques have stores located across the country with the most popular watches from Rolex. But, before you head to the store, here’s a quick heads up on which Rolex watch to gift which family member:


The Datejust 41 for Your Father




Wrought from antiquity, the Rolex Datejust is one of the most recognizable watches in the world. This instant classic has transcended time and trends, and remains as evergreen as ever, just like your father. Don’t be surprised when your father recognizes the timepiece which retains all the famous Rolex design elements in a new avatar. The gold and steel combine harmoniously as a true Rolex signature called Rolesor. This feature has been on Rolex watches since the 1930s, and is a true salute to every father’s love for the vintage. The distinctive blue dial and 18 Ct hour markers are nod to royalty, and the trademark Oyster bracelet can be adjusted by approximately 5 mm for added comfort. For a man as timeless as your father, the Datejust 41 comes equipped with the new generation calibre 3235 movement for unmatched performance.


The Cosmograph Daytona for Your Brother




The unabashedly gorgeous Rolex Cosmograph Daytona will definitely find its worthy suitor in the wrist of your brother. Introduced in 1963 as a high performance watch for professional racing drivers, the Daytona chronograph is fashioned as a supremely cool and sophisticated timepiece that instantly elevates its wearer’s look. Its utterly masculine aura fits well with your brother’s charismatic temperament, and will undoubtedly be a great conversation starter for him. The modern tachymetric scale on the bezel combines effortlessly with 18 Ct yellow gold, and the champagne-and-black coloured iconic dial instantly casts a mysterious aura on the watch. Let your brother be a trendsetter with the stunning Oysterflex bracelet which has a super-elastic metal blade at its core. The brilliantly engineered chronographic mechanism is equipped with a 4130 calibre movement and the ability to measure average speeds up to 400 km/hr.


The Pearlmaster 39 for Your Mother




Your mother is undoubtedly the crown jewel of the family, and for that, she deserves nothing less than the Pearlmaster 39. Perhaps the best Rolex jewellery watch, the Pearlmaster 39 brings a strong feminine design aesthetic to the timepiece with its delicate curves and dazzling dials richly studded with diamonds, sapphires or rubies. The Everose gold in this model is a patented pink gold alloy of Rolex that imparts a unique aura to the watch in its 18 Ct form, and won’t go amiss with the tenderness of a mother’s love and affection. The most striking aspect of this treasured watch is the alignment of meticulously-placed diamond stones all across the dial and the bracelet that casts a spell of enchantment on the wearer. The trademark Cyclops lens for the date, and the utterly precise 3235 calibre movement ensure that the performance of the watch is not compromised. Once gifted to your mother, the Pearlmaster 39 can easily go on to become a treasured family heirloom in the future.


The Lady Datejust 28 for Your Sister




One of the best Rolex watches in India for women, the Lady Datejust 28 is a sensuously chic and unimaginably beautiful timepiece, just like your beloved sister. Another marvellous creation that comes from the antique Datejust collection, this Lady Datejust 28 has an arresting aubergine 18 Ct gold dial that is sure to turn heads whenever in sight. The elegant performance of the watch, as justified by its precise 2236 movement, is a compliment to your sister’s grace and intelligence, and goes well with beauty of this timepiece that almost always conjures a long line of admirers. Another feature of the watch is the 5-piece link metal Jubilee bracelet that will slide ever so gracefully on your sister’s delicate wrist.


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