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Prepare Your Pet for Post Pandemic Changes

The sooner you begin preparing your pets, the lesser of an impact they will feel when you leave home for the larger part of the day

While some of us chose to remain in a self-imposed lockdown, many are returning to life as it was before the lockdown. For pets this can be daunting, especially after having spent so much time with you at home.

If you’ve started going back to work, Devanshi Shah, founder, Petkonnect shares some tips with to help you prepare your pet for this change.

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Encourage Space

Especially for pet parents whose pets are alone at home when they go to work, you need to encourage your pets to start spending time by themselves again. Start working in a room separate from your pets for an hour or two a day and gradually increase this number. Try doing this a week or two before you return to work, so your pets gradually start enjoying their own company once again, rather than experiencing a sudden shift. A sudden shift could lead to cases of separation anxiety.

Get The Family Involved

For those of us who have family at home, get them involved. Get other members to start taking on different activities of the day such as going for a walk, play time or feeding your pet. This way your pet will reduce their dependency on your full time presence and not get strained by your absence as strongly.

Prepare your pet for the post lockdown world
While you’re still at home, go back to the timing of activities as they were pre-lockdown. Pixabay

Return To The Old Routine

Under the lockdown, everyone felt the need to change their routine. Normally you might have only returned from work at 9 pm and then eaten dinner, but now you may now be enjoying a far more timely supper. The same would have happened for your pet, who you may now be feeding at a different time given that you’re at home. While you’re still at home, go back to the timing of activities as they were pre-lockdown. This will get your pets used to their old lifestyle and reduce the number of changes they experience.

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Make Them Sleep In Their Beds:

This period has been hard on everyone, and many pet parents have taken comfort in the arms of their pets to deal with lockdown blues! This may have resulted in your pet moving from their bed onto yours, so everyone sleeps better at night. Try moving them back to their bed to reduce the co-dependency that has developed over this period. Small actions go a long way in preparing your petss mentally.

The sooner you begin preparing your pets, the lesser of an impact they will feel when you leave home for the larger part of the day. (IANS)



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