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'Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains' Exhibition Tour reaches Hollywood Boulevard

Pink Floyd fans can set the controls for the heart of Hollywood Boulevard, now that a touring version of an exhibition devoted to the group's 55-year history has touched down in the US, following a celebrated run across Europe.The group remains truly in vogue, and in Hollywood's former Vogue Theatre, in an installation of 'The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains' that encompasses more than 400 artifacts dating back to the late '60s, from handbills for the nascent band's first psychedelic club shows in London with Syd Barrett to the days of pigs on the wing and other sinister inflatables that have been inflated for meditative, museum-style gawking.

"I know just about everything there is to know about Pink Floyd," said Aubrey Powell, co-curator of the exhibition, offering Variety a tour on the eve of its opening. He wasn't being immodest: Besides co-designing famous cover artwork for albums like 'The Dark Side of the Moon' and 'Animals', Powell was a roommate of Barrett's in the '60s and saw it all go down. "But," he said, "the joy of it was actually discovering in various individuals' archives pieces that I had never seen."

Pink Floyd Their Mortal Remains Rotating flower-petal mirror ball, used to reflect spotlights during Pink Floyd concerts from 1975 to 1977; displayed at the Pink Floyd: Thei. Wikimedia

He walked over to a room devoted to imagery from 'The Wall'. Below a menacing inflatable of a teacher was an instrument of torture used by an actual teacher, dating back farther even than the '60s. "That's the original cane used to beat Roger Waters and Syd Barrett at school and Storm Thorgerson, my partner which prompted Roger to write 'Teacher, leave those kids alone'." Of the three surviving members, drummer Nick Mason had the most substantial involvement in the exhibition, and gets an official "exhibition consultant" credit.

"Nick, of all the Pink Floyd, kept his own archive, and he didn't throw a thing away," says Powell, who goes by the nickname 'Po'. "I mean, even his shirts from 1968." "His archive is phenomenal, and that was helpful." But Waters and David Gilmour provided substantial access, as well, even if their archives weren't quite as museum-ready as Mason's, according to (IANS/ MBI)

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Feminism itself is nothing but a simple movement that pursues equal rights for women (including transwomen) and against misogyny both external and internal.

"In India, to be born as a man is a crime, to question a woman is an atrocious crime, and this all because of those women who keep suppressing men in the name of feminism."

Feminism, a worldwide movement that started to establish, define and defend equal rights for women in all sections- economically, politically, and socially. India, being a patriarchal society gives a gender advantage to the men in the society thus, Indian feminists sought to fight against the culture-specific issue for women in India. Feminism itself is nothing but a simple movement that pursues equal rights for women (including transwomen) and against misogyny both external and internal. It states nowhere that women should get more wages than men, that women deserve more respect than men, that's pseudo-feminism.

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Yakshi statue by Kanayi Kunjiraman at Malampuzha garden, Kerala

Kerala is a land of many good things. It has an abundance of nature, culture, art, and food. It is also a place of legend and myth, and is known for its popular folklore, the legend of Yakshi. This is not a popular tale outside the state, but it is common knowledge for travellers, especially those who fare through forests at night.

The legend of the yakshi is believed to be India's equivalent of the Romanian Dracula, except of course, the Yakshi is a female. Many Malayalis believe that the Yakshi wears a white saree and had long hair. She has a particular fragrance, which is believed to be the fragrance of the Indian devil-tree flowers. She seduces travellers with her beauty, and kills them brutally.

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Ancient India not only made mentions of homosexuality but accepted it as well.

The LGBTQ+ acronym stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and others. In India LGBTQ+ community also include a specific social group, part religious cult, and part caste: the Hijras. They are culturally defined either as "neither men nor women" or as men who become women by adopting women's dress and behavior. Section 377 of the India Penal code that criminalized all sexual acts "against the order of nature" i.e. engaging in oral sex or anal sex along with other homosexual activities were against the law, ripping homosexual people off of their basic human rights. Thus, the Indian Supreme Court ruled a portion of Section 377 unconstitutional on 6th September 2018.

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