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Please don’t turn India into a communal cauldron!


Having witnessed the grisly news of the Mohammed Akhlaq killing in Dadri via media, I am reminded of Ameer Khusro, the inspired Sufi poet of northern India. These days, it is sad that we look not for a human but for a Hindu or a Muslim in each other’s eyes. Khusro declared: “There is neither Hindu nor Muslim, but only man as the embodiment of the Divine!” This, in fact, is the basis of day-to-day secularism in India. We have dumped these voices of sanity somewhere.

Based on India’s communal concord between Hindus and Muslims since time immemorial, Maulana Azad coined the term, Dar-ul-Aman (land of peace) as there were only two terms before – Darul-Islam (land ruled by Muslims) and Dar-ul-Harab (land ruled by non-Muslims). India is Dar-ul-Aman as many Muslims in Dadri were saved by their Hindu brethren despite the entire media taking up the cause of the slaughtered Akhlaq.

The communalization of certain sections of Indian society, as witnessed in Akhlaq’s cold-blooded killing, now seems to have entered a new phase. Not very long ago, hate mobilization against Muslims was also seen at Muzaffarnagar. Neither the central government nor the Uttar Pradesh government got alerted after Muzaffarnagar.

In spite of Narendra Modi, a well-meaning prime minister who would like to take 1.25 billion-strong Indians with him, verbal attacks on Muslims are being relentlessly pursued by the likes of the saffron leaders including Yogi Adityanath, Sakshi Maharaj, Mahesh Sharma, Sanjeev Baliyan, Giriraj Singh and Swamini Narendra Jyoti. The Sangh schools continue to imbibe hate in young minds, through falsifying history and demonizing minorities.

Despite the schism within the Sangh Parivar, the attempts at communalization undertaken by social-cultural organizations continue. The Hindu-Muslim social cleavage that had existed during the British times has now been taking firm ground.

If the firangis banked upon the Hindu-Muslim divide, today’s vote bank politics has been reviving that ghastly time as increased participation in political processes made minorities and lower caste people understand the importance of their vote and they begin to make increased demands, thus changing the dynamics of political change. This has unfortunately made India a divided house by creating reservations and packages like the one offered to the Patidars in Gujarat or the demands made by Muslim politicians for reservation based on religion.

Hindus and Muslims stood shoulder-to-shoulder against the English during the time of Bahadurshah Zafar; that bonhomie hasn’t been noted for quite some time.

As far as the question of beef is concerned, Bahadurshah Zafar issued a diktat that nobody would slaughter a cow on the occasion of Eid-ul-Zuha as it’s considered to be a holy creature for the Hindu brethren. Even Darul Uloom Deoband issued a fatwa seven years ago not to sacrifice cows as it would hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindu community. However, the fact of the matter is that the Muslims consuming beef are far and few as compared to non-Muslim brethren. Muslims of India too must take a leaf from this incident that they should prefer mutton to beef.

Society in general in India, despite being multi-faith, has been peaceful except for the demoniac fits and starts of communal frenzy. Poor Akhlaq lost his life on account of a design that is pursued very soundly by a group that even today supports Nathuram Godse.

As far as the Hindu-Muslim bond is concerned, it’s mostly like milk and sugar but unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the salient features of the commonalities have not been highlighted by the media. There are testing times when we have to be alert about divisive forces that are found both amongst Hindus and Muslims. To be precise, all religions in terms of morals, ethics and norms and values are concentric; no religion should advocate anything unethical or immoral.

One thing is for sure: at one time, the people lived so amicably that they shared in common most socio-cultural activities, food, clothes and many customs and no one was concerned about knowing one’s religion – something that’s very personal.

Most of Tipu Sultan’s ministers and advisers were Hindus. Ours has been a culture and heritage of conglomeration and inter-mingling. Can we deny that?

According to Muraqqa-e-Delhi of Nawab Dargah Quli Bahadur, the Mughal emperors consumed only Gangajal. Their celebration of Holi, Diwali and Dussehra is well known. If the rulers were Muslims, the economy was run by the Hindu administrators and officers. Muslim monarchs trusted Hindu accountants. In the military field, if Aurengzeb had brave Rajput generals, Shivaji trusted Muslim generals only.

Indian society will continue to experience violent caste and communal eruptions as long as it does not find political and economic equilibrium in terms of castes and communities.

The rise of OBCs, on the one hand, and the impact of globalization on the Indian economy, on the other, will continue to cause occasional eruptions of violence in Indian society for quite some time. Caste and communal polarization will haunt us as long as we are unable to create a more egalitarian society.

IK Gujral, a former prime minister of India, had very rightly stated: “Remember, annihilation of Hindu-Muslim goodwill will mean India’s disaster!”

Therefore, let’s not turn India into a communal cauldron.

(By Firoz Bakht Ahmed, IANS)


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Brutal media, the beloved minority, and the tortured majority

The media has changed its sphere of projecting people who are national and the anti-national elements are tragically boasted for their deeds

This glaring aberration in the world of media is visible as clearly as stars in the darkness of the night.
India is plagued with a disease called Rape. Wikimedia Commons

I’m afraid, it’s quite clear that the ferocious jaws of the media and the fierce claws of the minority are well up to the annihilation of the whole civilization of the Indian subcontinent. Wake up, wake up from your slumber! The “secularism” is a sharp-edged dagger handed over to you to cut your own root.

– SALIL GEWALI, Shillong

If something that really makes one look at certain reputed media with the eyes of suspicion then it is for their blatant play of double standards. The double standard itself is disgusting. The integrity of the service is greatly compromised here. When such unethical trick is played at the cost of humanity then the consequences could be very disastrous. This could steadily push the society into the sea of frustration. Thereafter the social anarchy.

This glaring aberration in the world of media is visible as clearly as stars in the darkness of the night. Those who are suffering from a varying degree of mental glaucoma may fail to see it.

Have we not witnessed that media fraternity often sets off the alarm bells when the victims of the crime instances are from a “particular community” but it maintains a “brutal silence” when the perpetrators are those it considers minority or Muslim? Yes, the particular minority are eternally beloved, so they are blameless. Even the traitorous terror-makers from the minority are unblemished to such media folks and a major group of columnists associated with the media. That’s why such elite media and its associates zealously stand up to sympathise with terror-sponsored stone-palters in Kashmir, a bunch of secessionists in the academia and so on and so forth.

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No wonder if one who sings ‘Vande Mataram’ then he certainly stands to lose the support base of such media, no matter how influential he is, no matter how dedicated and truthful he is. So, I humbly advise any active citizens, particularly those who want to serve the country, not to utter this jingoistic phrase when alone. Better not at all. On the other hand, if you roar – ‘Bharat ke tukde tukde’ or ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, which are heard more aggressively and more frequently these days, then all defensive forces become hyperactive to safeguard you. These subversive activities by any brats will be soon celebrated and interpreted as a part of the fundamental right, that is ‘freedom of expression’. Have we not noticed in Kashmir where CRPF or other security personnel receiving humiliating bashings, the video clips of which often go around on WhatsApp, from the local? And in case the bold security persons retaliate then those elites from their armchairs thunder that the democracy in the country is under threat? The majority are attacking the minority, blah, blah, blah..!

Elite media and its associates zealously stand up to sympathise with terror-sponsored stone-palters in Kashmir.
Elite media and its associates zealously stand up to sympathise with terror-sponsored stone-palters in Kashmir. Wikimedia Commons

I believe everyone knows how certain so-called student leaders often openly incite their unruly crowds at JNU and other academic institutes. But when the questions of sedition are raised against them then the media comes forward to denounce the government. Mr Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya, Shehla Rashid Shora, Mr Jignesh Mewani… are lovable sweeties to those intellectuals because their treacherous adventures make them more cheery and lustier. Each anti-nationalist “scream” by these jerks never get wasted. It is systematically used to degrade the nation, demean the culture and denigrated the religion.

Till some years back college ruffians were nonentities but now they are held all of a sudden as leaders and opinion makers. These dangerous creatures are applauded and discreetly advised how best to go about. Many national political leaders as well jump to embrace and defend these troublemakers. But, on the other hand, the same warmth, attachment, and love are not at all showered upon any patriots by any mainstream media. So, citizens who want to sincerely endeavour to bring peace in the country are not at all given any platform, nor encouraged. Rather, the nation’s lovers are intensely scoffed at. They are non-existent, nay subhuman, to the pseudo-secularists. Of course, those people, often branded as ‘bhakts’, are aptly dragged only to paint them with bad colours.

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This Republic day brought a great grief to many. A 22 years old student – Chandan Gupta of Kasganj, UP, was heartlessly murdered. His crime is his participation in the ‘tiranga yatra’ singing Vande Mataram. No noticeable outcry of condemnation from any influential elites. Again, Ankit Saxena, a photographer who loved a Muslim girl, was attacked, and girl’s relatives silt his throat in cold blood. Most of the media carried the news as “honour” killing as if it was in some way justified. What would have happened if the same heinous crime was perpetrated by the majority? It would have been Dadri-2. In another monstrous incident, a BJP party worker Mr Santosh was stabbed to death in Karnataka. The killing of patriots is too frequent in Kerala. But no ‘award wapsi gang’ gets ever freaked out at the news …!

Such brutal attacks upon the majority are a very regular phenomenon. But what is “very less known” to the whole general public is that over 95% of such gruesome attacks, and also various kinds of sexual atrocities upon females of the majority, are “not at all reported”. Only those which can’t be suppressed get published. But they usually die down well before the dead bodies begin to rot. Well, no scream of criticism, no alarm of “intolerance” is ever raised by any over-conscious citizens when the people from the majority are killed. No media panel discussion ever called in otherwise cases. Nor even the condemnation of the “onslaught on the humanity” ever heard.

Kanhaiya-Kumar was responsible for openly inciting unruly crowds at JNU.
Kanhaiya-Kumar was responsible for openly inciting unruly crowds at JNU. Wikimedia Commons

Well, had there not been a double standard in reporting the attacks on the “humanity”, if ever the ‘freedom of expression’ is truly valued, such barbaric perpetrators, no matter which community they are from, would not have at all reared their ugly heads. Is it not probable in near future that those beloved villains might “double-cross” and pose continuous threats that would toll the death nail for the double-tongued journalism, apart from the majority! The prelude to that situation is double clear now than ever before.

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Lastly, please note, none of the horrendous crimes by the particular community ever become a “Dadri” — the stench of which is still being felt by our depraved columnists. Is this not a part of the grandiose scheme? The situation is dangerously ominous! I’m afraid, it’s quite clear that the ferocious jaws of the media and the fierce claws of the minority are well up to the annihilation of the whole civilisation of the Indian subcontinent. Wake up, wake up from your slumber! The “secularism” is a sharp-edged dagger handed over to you to cut your own root. This is a bitter truth nobody can refute!