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PM Modi’s Worthwhile Campaign for Clean Environment

They are exactly like our blood vessels, or like our ceaselessly throbbing heart, kidneys and lungs


Nothing has defiled this mother Earth but our lifestyles. Our excessive greed has long rendered its lungs sluggish and its heart weak. With each passing year, our planet is getting more feverish and paler. She often sneezes, coughs up and convulses. Therefore, I consider ones’ efforts to “decontaminate” Her is akin to an act of worshiping the Almighty. I am very much with the Hon’ble Prime Minister – Narendra Modi, for his all efforts to clean India and reduce the environmental hazards. PM Modi has very humbly requested each citizen of India to stop using plastics. We should all support him and bring it into our day to day practice. This way only our down-to-earth Prime Minister will be encouraged and we shall be blessed with a good environment.

Of course, as citizens, we must change our lifestyles. We need to realize that all our beautiful streams, rivers, seas and oceans are as alive as our body parts. They are exactly like our blood vessels, or like our ceaselessly throbbing heart, kidneys and lungs. Let’s imagine a little seriously as to what will happen if all our blood vessels “continuously” carry impure blood. Will we be able to stay healthy? No, we shall not. We shall surely develop various kind of fatal sicknesses then finally we shall die. Exactly in the same manner, if we pollute “all” our streams, rivulets, rivers, and sea they will adversely impact the whole ecosystem. Of course, in the subtle and deeper dimension all our mountains, hills, streams, rivers, vegetation are amazingly interrelated, and interdependent too. Now modern science has logically concluded that we human beings, and all our plants, animals, birds and so on are uncannily interconnected and interdependent. There is also underlying interconnection even in the “spiritual level” which the Indian ancient sages realized thousands of years ago in their intensely deep meditation.

PM, Modi, Campaign
As citizens, we must change our lifestyles.

Probably I was not even 10-year-old when I felt a sting of pain when I suddenly noticed people dumping garbage in a gently following river. My inner being immediately pronounced it as an “unpardonable sin”. It also occurred to me that the river must be an inseparable extension of us all. My intuition was right. I encountered similar ideas in environmental studies and ancient Indian text pretty much later. What is very disgusting is that people “even now” mindlessly dump their garbage in such drains and rivulets. Is this not a big blow to the modern civilization about which we often brag at full throttle? Undoubtedly, dumping hard and soft garbage in the river is far “more dangerous” and more threatening to the environment than the use of plastics. What a disgrace that a person holds I-phone in one hand and a bucket full of trash in another and throw that in a drain/ rivulet. Is it not the heights of insanity? In fact, it should have been a serious criminal offence.

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So, keeping in view this blot of the modern civilization, it must be brought to the attention of all the concerned Ministers and higher authorities to address this serious issue. People of the country are already beaming with joy in anticipation and full of praise for PM Modi for his country-wide ban on plastic use. The “legislation is a must” to deal with such mindless folks who consider the drains and rivers as their dustbins. We already have “mountainous hazards” caused by this disgusting practice. Therefore, our dynamic leaders and conscious civil societies, and more importantly, each citizen should come together to fight the evil. The environment should not be choked by the menacing habit of idiotic people. Let’s wake up before the digital civilization goes down the drain.

Salil Gewali is a well-known writer and author of ‘Great minds on India’. Twitter: @SGewali. 



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