Politicians Testing Positive for COVID

Not only indirectly because of lockdown related polls results and the possibility of stifled turnouts, but because the politicians themselves are falling ill with COVID-19.

COVID politicians
Not only indirectly because of lockdown related polls results and the possibility of stifled turnouts, but because the politicians themselves are falling ill with COVID-19. Pixabay

The current novel coronavirus pandemic is likely to impact the 2020 November elections in more ways than one. 

Not only indirectly because of lockdown related polls results and the possibility of stifled turnouts, but because the politicians themselves are falling ill with COVID-19.

We’ve already seen a rash of influential people in the UK test positive. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized due to complications from novel coronavirus but was discharged in the first weeks of April. But it wasn’t just politicians testing positive for Coronavirus, Prince Charles also tested positive and was in self-isolation. So, the SARS COV-2 doesn’t discriminate, even the royal family is at risk. Luckily, the 71-year-old pulled through with only mild symptoms.

Princess Maria Teresa, of the Spanish royal family, was hit hard by the virus and she succumbed to COVID-19 late in the month of March. 

COVID politicians
There is a long laundry list of politicians around the world who have been tested positive for COVID-19.

Back in the UK,  Dominic Cummings self-isolated due to symptoms. Michael Grove also went into quarantine after a family member showed COVID-like symptoms.

In The United States, there was a big stink in the military over how it handled an outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. 

Captain Brett Crozier jumped the chain of command to prevent unnecessary deaths aboard the ship and was subsequently fired. He later tested positive for coronavirus and was hospitalized. His email created one of the biggest rifts in modern US military history and due to evidence coming to light, he was reinstated as a Captain after being fired – this is an unprecedented event and has mangled the integrity of the Pentagon.

More Politicians

The Spanish Deputy Prime Minister tested positive on March 25th. At 62, she is at higher risk than many but as of April 14th, had recovered from the disease and is now back at work in the congress of deputies.

The very first United States senator to test positive was Paul Rand from Kentucky. There are numerous reports that Rand working in Senate for several days after testing positive, perhaps passing the virus along. But as of April 7th, he had recovered and is now back in action.

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There is a long laundry list of politicians around the world, including, Mathew Hancock, Britains Health Secretary, the foreign minister of Burkina Faso, Scottish Secretary, Alister Jack, Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez, French Minister of Culture, Franck Reister, Canadian Prime MInister Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Trudeau, Australian Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, and many, many more.

In addition to the politicians, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, P!nk, Idris Elba, and Placido Domingo are also reported to have been infected with SARS COV-2.

One of the most high profile athletes to test positive is the NFL’s, Von Miller. The star edge rusher who was a key component on the Denver Broncos top-rated defense. New York Knicks owner, James Dolan also tested positive. He’s the CEO of Madison Square Garden and also owns the NY Rangers NHL hockey team.

The french NBA star, Rudy Gobert was the first in the NBA to test positive. In fact, his positive test is what set things in motion for sports to shut-down in the United States and across the globe

COVID politicians
The US President Donald Trump is trying his best to control the COVID-19 crisis.

As we move further into this global crisis, it’s likely that we’ll see more and more politicians, celebs, and athletes infected. So far there are dozens and dozens of each.

COVID Deaths

  • Branislav Blazic died of COVID-19 on April 1. He was Serbia’s Serbia’s state secretary in the environment protection ministry. 
  • Somalia’s former Prime Minister succumbed to a COVID-related death in London on April 1st. 
  • Allen Merrill of the 70s rock band Arrows and writer of the hit song (made famous by Joan Jet and the Blackhearts) I Love Rock ‘n Roll, died recently of Coronavirus.
  • Heherson Alverez, an activist, and the former senator died at the age of 80 from COVID on April 20th.
  • Turkish politician, Haydar Bas passed away on April 14th.

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There are many more celebs and politicians who’ve lost the battle with the novel coronavirus. Too many to list here.  As this continues, we’ll see more and more people infected and more and more deaths around the world. Fortunately, the curve is looking like it’s finally flattening, so maybe we’ll have this under control in the very near future.

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COVID ‘Just the Tip of The Iceberg’ Warns Virologist known as ‘Bat Woman’

Top Chinese virologist, has warned that new viruses being discovered are "actually just the tip of the iceberg"

COVID is only the beginning says virologist. Pixabay

A top virologist from China, famous for her work on researching coronavirus in bats, has warned that new viruses being discovered are “actually just the tip of the iceberg”. In an interview on Chinese state television, Shi Zhengli, known as the ‘Bat Woman’ for her research about bats and the viruses associated with them, also called for greater international cooperation in the fight against epidemics such as Covid-19.

Zhengli, the Deputy Director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, said research undertaken in viruses needs governments and scientists to be transparent with their findings, and cooperative, reports dailymail.co.uk.

She also said that it is ‘very regrettable’ when science is politicised. Speaking to Chinese state television CCTN, Zhengli said: “The unknown viruses that we have discovered are actually just the tip of the iceberg. If we want to prevent human beings from suffering from the next infectious disease outbreak, we must go in advance to learn of these unknown viruses carried by wild animals in nature and give early warnings,” Zhengli was quoted as saying to CCTN.

COVID and other viruses need more research says an expert. Pixabay

“If we don’t study them, there will possibly be another outbreak,” she added.

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Her interview comes after, both US President Donald Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have suggested that the Covid-19 originated in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the pandemic erupted last December last month. Earlier, Zhengli had also said that even after the world finds a way to combat the virus responsible for Covid-19, it should prepare for more outbreaks caused by bat-borne coronaviruses. (IANS)

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This Quarantine Centre is A Place To Delight: Filled with Music, Yoga and a Menu of choice

This COVID-care centre in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan offers music, meditation, aerobics along with the choicest of the menu for the people staying there!

Quarantine centre
Rajasthan's quarantine centre has emerged as a role model by setting up new benchmarks. Pixabay

BY ARCHANA SHARMA                                                                                                  A COVID-care centre in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan has emerged as a role model by setting up new benchmarks as it offers music, meditation, aerobics along with the choicest of menu for the people staying here!

Called as Parda Chundawat Quarantine Centre, it has set example by creating a serene environment where people wake up listening to soothing music. Then, there are Yoga and meditation classes where they exercise to shoo off negativity from their mind.

In fact, the daily schedule of those admitted here is quite impressive. They wake up listening to melodious bhajans at 6 a.m. Soon after, there are two yoga classes — one for the people who love to do indoor exercise while the other for those who are interested to do yoga under open sky.

All guidelines of social distancing are followed by the people while performing yoga.

Soon after Yoga, they go for aerobics where they stretch their body rhythmically on different music beats. Thereafter, they get breakfast of their choice and are served lunch in the afternoon. As they take nap in afternoon, the evening time at 5 p.m. awaits for another interesting activity where they listen to their favourite songs of renowned singers including Kishore Kumar, Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lata Mangeshkar amongst others, while sitting together.

Qurantine centre
This COVID-care centre in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan has emerged as a role model. Pixabay

Special games and activities are available for kids which include spelling, synonyms, pronunciation, painting etc. Kids find this environment really engaging, says Sabhla sub divisional officer Manish Faujdar who is in charge of this centre.

Also, there are psychological experts who help in counselling. “People coming here are quite worried about their future life, their spouses and families. These counsellors help them connect to meditation with scientific facts which make them feel joyful and relieves them of their stress,” says Chhaya Choubisa, assistant director, Information and public relations, Dungarpur.

Faujdar says that when admitted, these people were quite aggrieved and angry. “We saw an unseen fear in their eyes and mind. Therefore, we introduced a few activities which can make them relieved from their stress, offering mental peace to them. We wanted to divert their attention and hence launched music therapy. We connected the music system to youTube where there were bhajans in morning, filmy songs in the evening and Aarti and patriotic songs later. Eventually, their anger vanished and they look joyful now with no stress or anger seen amongst them.”

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District collector Kanaram also visited this place and praised these innovations. (IANS)

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Caring For The Elderly, Tackling Old-age and Loneliness in The Times Of COVID

While we do our bit to stay safe, looking after our loved ones, particularly the elderly, is crucial

Caring for the elderly in these troubled times is very important. Pixabay


The Coronavirus pandemic has left human race with feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and a fear what’s coming next. While we do our bit to stay safe, looking after our loved ones, particularly the elderly, is crucial.

In this crisis, just like the little children in the family, our elders also need extra care and attention, especially if they are living alone and are prone to feeling isolated. Coupled with the greater restrictions on the 60+ population stepping out, these feelings can negatively impact physical and mental health, and must be addressed promptly and with care.

In a chat with IANSlife, here are some ways suggested by Dr Ishita Mukerji, a senior psychologist at Kaleidoscope, a mental wellness centre part of Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare.

Teach them to go digital: Patiently help them learn the use of various video/voice call applications available and encourage them to stay virtually connected with their friends and family. They can also use this time to rediscover their lost art of writing and share short heart felt notes via email, to their loved ones to lift their spirits. Demonstrate to them how to use taxi-hire apps, medical-monitoring apps, emergency call services, and the like. Hand them a copy of all necessary phone numbers and save them on their phones.

Looking after our loved ones, particularly the elderly, is crucial. Pixabay

Prioritize their nutrition intake and physical activity: Senior citizens need adequate sleep, optimum nutrition and some kind of physical exercise on an everyday basis. Ensure that their sleep cycle is not disturbed due to the changes in the household because of the factors associated with social distancing. Their daily diet must have a combination of essential proteins and minerals, fruits, green vegetables, dairy products and a lot of liquid, as we are in the peak of summer. Elders might find it tough to exercise within the house, as many go to neighbourhood parks and yoga classes. However, you must help them incorporate at-home yoga and breathing exercises into their routine.

Enjoy recreational activities together: A good way to bond and enjoy as a family is watching a movie, listening to music, indulging in some craft activity, looking through photo albums together or playing indoor games like cards, chess, ludo, monopoly, carom etc or some mind stimulating games like Sudoku or puzzles. These activities will in turn make them feel relaxed, rejuvenated and something to look forward to each day.

Keep them engaged indoors: It is important to involve your family’s senior members in the household activities as much as possible. Their help in such basic activities will let them stay occupied and also give a sense of accomplishment to them but do not push them to perform strenuous activities. You may encourage them to pursue hobbies like reading, writing, knitting, singing or painting. Make sure they have enough supplies to last the crisis. Encourage them to teach young kids a skill.

Involvement in decision-making: We must seek advice and suggestions from the elders in our families at all times, especially when making decisions that might directly or indirectly impact them or their lifestyle. Taking their inputs into consideration will make them feel wanted and heard. It is really important to respect their thoughts and feelings that they derive out of their life experiences and wisdom accumulated over the years.

Create a positive environment at home: Getting exposed to the concerning news around worsening situation for longer durations can create anxiety and fear in seniors’ minds. Create a positive atmosphere and help them keeping calm and positive. Speak to them about their happy times. Revisit old memories, reopen photo-albums, listen to their life experiences and spend quality time with them.

senior citizen
The elderly can also use this time to rediscover their lost art of writing and share short heartfelt notes. Pixabay

Taking care of mental and emotional needs: Pay attention to the thoughts and concerns that the elderly might have as there may be big or small issues where they may need your help to solve them. Look out for mood swings too, as it might mean they are struggling mentally and need extra support and care. Also be aware of any cognitive difficulties they might be facing like being anxious, angry, stressed, agitated or withdrawn. It is very important to provide emotional support to keep them mentally and physically fit.

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The elderly have sacrificed a lot in their youth for our sake and it is now time that we show them utmost love and appreciation, signs off Dr Mukerji. (IANS)