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Politicians Testing Positive for COVID

Not only indirectly because of lockdown related polls results and the possibility of stifled turnouts, but because the politicians themselves are falling ill with COVID-19.

The current novel coronavirus pandemic is likely to impact the 2020 November elections in more ways than one. 

Not only indirectly because of lockdown related polls results and the possibility of stifled turnouts, but because the politicians themselves are falling ill with COVID-19.

We’ve already seen a rash of influential people in the UK test positive. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized due to complications from novel coronavirus but was discharged in the first weeks of April. But it wasn’t just politicians testing positive for Coronavirus, Prince Charles also tested positive and was in self-isolation. So, the SARS COV-2 doesn’t discriminate, even the royal family is at risk. Luckily, the 71-year-old pulled through with only mild symptoms.

Princess Maria Teresa, of the Spanish royal family, was hit hard by the virus and she succumbed to COVID-19 late in the month of March. 

COVID politicians
There is a long laundry list of politicians around the world who have been tested positive for COVID-19.

Back in the UK,  Dominic Cummings self-isolated due to symptoms. Michael Grove also went into quarantine after a family member showed COVID-like symptoms.

In The United States, there was a big stink in the military over how it handled an outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. 

Captain Brett Crozier jumped the chain of command to prevent unnecessary deaths aboard the ship and was subsequently fired. He later tested positive for coronavirus and was hospitalized. His email created one of the biggest rifts in modern US military history and due to evidence coming to light, he was reinstated as a Captain after being fired – this is an unprecedented event and has mangled the integrity of the Pentagon.

More Politicians

The Spanish Deputy Prime Minister tested positive on March 25th. At 62, she is at higher risk than many but as of April 14th, had recovered from the disease and is now back at work in the congress of deputies.

The very first United States senator to test positive was Paul Rand from Kentucky. There are numerous reports that Rand working in Senate for several days after testing positive, perhaps passing the virus along. But as of April 7th, he had recovered and is now back in action.

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There is a long laundry list of politicians around the world, including, Mathew Hancock, Britains Health Secretary, the foreign minister of Burkina Faso, Scottish Secretary, Alister Jack, Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez, French Minister of Culture, Franck Reister, Canadian Prime MInister Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Trudeau, Australian Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, and many, many more.

In addition to the politicians, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, P!nk, Idris Elba, and Placido Domingo are also reported to have been infected with SARS COV-2.

One of the most high profile athletes to test positive is the NFL’s, Von Miller. The star edge rusher who was a key component on the Denver Broncos top-rated defense. New York Knicks owner, James Dolan also tested positive. He’s the CEO of Madison Square Garden and also owns the NY Rangers NHL hockey team.

The french NBA star, Rudy Gobert was the first in the NBA to test positive. In fact, his positive test is what set things in motion for sports to shut-down in the United States and across the globe

COVID politicians
The US President Donald Trump is trying his best to control the COVID-19 crisis.

As we move further into this global crisis, it’s likely that we’ll see more and more politicians, celebs, and athletes infected. So far there are dozens and dozens of each.

COVID Deaths

  • Branislav Blazic died of COVID-19 on April 1. He was Serbia’s Serbia’s state secretary in the environment protection ministry. 
  • Somalia’s former Prime Minister succumbed to a COVID-related death in London on April 1st. 
  • Allen Merrill of the 70s rock band Arrows and writer of the hit song (made famous by Joan Jet and the Blackhearts) I Love Rock ‘n Roll, died recently of Coronavirus.
  • Heherson Alverez, an activist, and the former senator died at the age of 80 from COVID on April 20th.
  • Turkish politician, Haydar Bas passed away on April 14th.

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There are many more celebs and politicians who’ve lost the battle with the novel coronavirus. Too many to list here.  As this continues, we’ll see more and more people infected and more and more deaths around the world. Fortunately, the curve is looking like it’s finally flattening, so maybe we’ll have this under control in the very near future.

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