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What is the best way to save Goa from deforestation?

What is the best way to save Goa from deforestation?

Drinking feni, may well be the answer, says the secretary of the Goa Cashew Feni Distillers and Bottlers Association Hansel Vaz, who on Thursday said, that sipping the state's unique alcoholic drink and making it popular would directly aid the greening of Goa's hills and other barren landscapes.

"To get more cashews, we need to plant more trees. I always say, by drinking feni you will save Goa, because we will be planting more cashew trees and we will have greener hills. The beauty of cashew is you do not need fertile land. You can grow it on a hill which can provide no nutrition. We will be able to grow more trees, if we can sell feni properly," Vaz said. Vaz's comments come at a time when the hillsides of the coastal state have witnessed significant deforestation for real estate development and for infrastructure projects. Feni is manufactured by fermenting and double distilling juice from the cashew apple.

2 glasses of a white drink Best way to keep Goa green is to grab yourself a glass of feni. | IANS

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The Centre has claimed it is keeping tab on the prices and even announced that it has maintained a buffer stock to moderate prices and ensuring minimal storage loss.

The delayed withdrawal of monsoon, coupled with the flood situation in various parts of the country, soaring fuel prices and the festive season demand have all set the prices of vegetables, especially essentials such as onion and tomato, to shoot up within a week or so. The Centre has claimed it is keeping tab on the prices and even announced that it has maintained a buffer stock to moderate prices and ensure minimal storage loss.

The prices were relatively stable till about last month and the rates were comparable to that of the same time last year. However, floods in several parts of south India in September and early October led to supply shortages. For instance, according to state wise 'Wholesale Prices Monthly Analysis for Onion' for the month of October 2021 shows that in Delhi, the rate of onions in this month is Rs 2,970.62 per quintal, compared to Rs 1,711.18 per quintal in September 2021, which is a whopping 73.6 per cent increase. However, the rate in October 2020 was Rs 3,161.94 per quintal, which is minus 6.05 per cent compared to current month price.

selective focus photography of graph The prices were relatively stable till about last month and the rates were comparable to that of the same time last year. | Photo by M. B. M. on Unsplash

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France's President Emmanuel Macron appears on a screen at the Malmo International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism, in Malmo, Sweden, October 13, 2021 Credit: voa

MALMÖ, SWEDEN — Social media giants were urged to act Wednesday to stem online antisemitism during an international conference in Sweden focused on the growing amount of hatred published on many platforms.

The Swedish government invited social media giants TikTok, Google and Facebook along with representatives from 40 countries, the United Nations and Jewish organizations to the event designed to tackle the rising global scourge of antisemitism.

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Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 28th doundation day of National Human Rights Commission.

Without referring to any incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned that a selective view of human rights violation through a political lens is dangerous for democracy and will affect the country as a few have modified the definition of human rights as per their own convenience.

Prime Minister Modi was addressing the 28th National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) foundation day programme on Tuesday through video conferencing. He said India always upheld human rights, saying his government has provided new rights to Muslim women who were demanding laws against Triple Talaq and freed them from the compulsion of 'Mahram' and as a chaperone, a male family member accompanying them during haj.

Stressing on empowerment of women, he said India is providing paid maternity leave of 26 weeks to career women, aiming to protect the basic rights of newborn children.

Highlighting the strict law and order, Modi said his government has established 650 fast track courts and introduced the death penalty for the heinous offense of rape.

The fare gender can get all in one facility for temporary accommodation, counselling and medical help etc. "By amending the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, our government has paved way for safer and legal abortion options," he added. Modi said that his government has always thought of the last person in the queue and strived hard to ensure that no one, not even those who are unaware of their basic human rights is left out.

"This is why we came up with schemes like Jan-Dhan Yojna, Ujjwala Yojna and Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. These schemes and campaigns have dignified the lives of those who had never dreamt of having their own bank accounts and owning a debit card or thought of getting a gas cylinder at their doorsteps. Similarly, people are no longer forced to defecate in open and under the 'Saubhagya' scheme we have ensured that every household gets electricity," the prime minister said.

Modi also emphasized the steps taken by his government for the upliftment of specially-abled, saying, "Nationwide, thousands of institutes, public spaces, including buses and railways, 700 websites and even currencies have been made differently-abled friendly."

"For the transgender community, Transgender Persons' Protection of Rights Act has been introduced," he pointed out, adding that all these steps will help eradicate injustice from the country.

PM Modi further added that the NDA government has been seriously working towards the development of Jammu and Kashmir and northeastern states as well, reiterating the point that his government is considerate of human rights and is working in the best interest of every section of the Indian society. (IANS/JB)

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