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Here’s a List of Popular Bollywood Celebs Who Gave Shelter To Stay Animals

Here we have listed a few names in Bollywood who have adopted the policy of adopting stray animals!

Ditching the idea of spending a whopping amount on pedigreed pets, several Bollywood celebrities are giving shelter to stray animals in their homes.

IANS has listed a few names in Bollywood who have adopted the policy:

John Abraham

John, who is an ardent animal lover, adopted a stray dog in 2016 and named her Bailey. Just like her pet parent, Bailey is also an Instagram star and has an account on the photo-sharing website, which goes by the name Bailey & Sia, (Bailey’s pup) Abraham. John had reportedly adopted the three-month-old pup, who was rescued from the streets by an animal adoption agency.

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Alia Bhatt

Alia is a cat lover. She had three cats — Edward, Sheeba and Juniper. Of these, Sheeba passed away in January. The actress and her mother Soni Razdan had even mourned the death of their furry friend on social media.

Madhuri Dixit Nene

Madhuri adopted a stray puppy and named it Carmelo Nene in 2019. She adopted it on her son Arin’s birthday. This was not the first time the actress adopted a stray. Her dog Riya was also adopted. In 2013, she had rescued seven puppies on the set of a reality show.

Raveena Tandon

Raveena has always voiced her mind against animal cruelty. She adopted a cat and named it Puma. The adoption story is very interesting, as Raveena has tweeted a video of the cat that came under her car in 2019 but survived. The actress then adopted the animal.

Sonu Sood

Actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood and his son Ayaan adopted a stray dog in March and named it Naruto. He made the announcement on social media, along with a picture of his son holding the new member of the family. He shared that his son adopted “this stray puppy who was all alone on the streets of Alibaug”.

Aliaa Bhatt
Alia is a cat lover. She had three cats — Edward, Sheeba and Juniper. Of these, Sheeba passed away in January. Bollywood Country

Sunny Leone

Sunny, an ardent dog lover, had adopted Lilu, an Indie dog from an animal shelter five years ago.

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Kapil Sharma

Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma adopted a labrador Zanjeer in 2014 when he was doing “Comedy Nights With Kapil”. According to reports he brought Zanjeer home after the animal was abandoned. Kapil met Zanjeer at his friend’s place, whose wife ran an NGO, and also took care of abandoned animals. Zanjeer passed away in 2018. (IANS/KR)



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