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Pranayama in yoga can be combined with other Asanas(Yoga postures) and Dhyana(Meditation).

By Tharini Ilanchezhian

Pranayama in Yoga is a tool to reveal the self and to keep the mind and body in balance through all the fortunes and vicissitudes of life. An eminent practice of breath regulation in yoga, which is known as pranayama has taken its significance as a need of the hour in everybody's daily schedule. The sole idea of pranayama involves breathing exercises and patterns. You inhale, hold your breath and exhale deliberately in a specific sequence.

Pranayama can be combined with other Asanas(Yoga postures) and Dhyana(Meditation). What it is The goal of pranayama is to connect the body and mind. This is an age-old practice that involves controlling the breath. The duration, frequency and timing of every breath and hold is determined. Through this process, the body gets its adequate supply of oxygen and gets rid of harmful toxins.

Health benefits of pranayama

Pranayama decreases stress. A 2013 study showed that pranayama reduces the stress while perceiving the stress causing factors in young adults. This is achieved by calming the nervous system and turn improves the stress response.

yoga benefits for women

pranayama reduces the stress while perceiving the stress causing factors in young adults

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The stress relieving benefits of pranayama also helps in improving the quality of sleep. The Bhramari Pranayama when practiced for duration of 5 minutes has proved to slow down the breathing and heart rate, that makes the body calm and improves sleep. 

woman doing yoga pose

The stress relieving benefits of pranayama

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 Practicing pranayama also increases the mindfulness of an individual by making him focus on the present moment rather than living the past or wondering about the future. 

man in gray long yoga shirt and yoga pants

Yoga helps to focus on the present moment rather than living the past or wondering about the future.

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Pranayama in yoga reduces blood pressure/hypertension which is caused by stress. This is achieved by giving a relaxation to the body. 

Pranayama in yoga

woman doing yoga standing on right foot

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Pranayama breathing promotes the healthy functioning of the lungs by strengthening it. Practicing pranayama 1 hour a day can produce significant results of improvement in the functioning of lungs in the pulmonary test. 

yoga benefits

Pranayama promotes the healthy functioning of the lungs

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Pranayama is a strengthening tool for diseases such as asthma, allergic bronchitis and tuberculosis. 

Yoga Pose

Pranayama is a strengthening tool for diseases such as asthma,

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Pranayama has also proved to improve the cognition of the individual. This includes memory, cognitive flexibility and reasoning skills. 

woman doing yoga posture

Pranayama benefits for mental health.

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It is believed that the 'Prana' energy is the driving force of all bodily functions. Thus Pranayama benefits are vast. The eastern medicine believes that the blockages in your energy flow can cause diseases and illness. Being able to control this flow of energy through pranayama heals the body and balances the flow. And for the western medicine believers, pranayama breathing techniques have been linked to the health benefits also.

There are different Pranayama types and they are

  • Nadi Sodhana
  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Kapalabhati Pranayama
  • Bhramari Pranayama
  • Sheetli Pranayama
  • Bhastrika Pranayama
  • Viloma Pranayama
  • Dirga Pranayama
  • Chandra Bedha
  • Surya Bedha

Pranayama benefits for a good quality time everyday has proven to benefit an individual with manifold benefits of health, mind and energy. If you are thinking of making your mind and body healthier and balanced, why wait? Start practicing this amazing life saver.

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