Prasar Bharati CEO insists on youth-targeted programmes

By NewsGram Staff Writer

Kolkata: On Tuesday, Jawahar Sircar, the chief of India’s public service broadcaster Prasar Bharati, requested Akashvani Kolkata to start some youth-targeted programmes in order to popularize the All India Radio’s services in West Bengal. It is important to target the youth as they are the future of the nation.

He also put forward an idea to reflect on what the listeners want from radio services. Only when this idea is implemented can the listeners can be drawn back to the radio.

“One of the suggestions that I have for Akashvani Kolkata is to go for crowd-sourcing. By putting out a few questions on social media, we can get an idea on what programmes are in demand and what listeners would like to be introduced to. The trend can be realised through this,” Sircar said.

AIR logoBy NewsGram Staff Writer

Jawahar Sircar commissioned the DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) transmitter for the Kolkata-A radio service, one of the five channels of Akashvani Kolkata. The DRM transmitter allows the service to be broadcasted in digital as well as analogue mode. This further enables it to reach out to the south Bengal districts as well.

While launching the service, the Prasar Bharati chief also stressed on the five channels maintaining a distinct identity and showcasing a mix of both Bengali and other language songs. This is to ensure a wider range of listeners.

“Since it’s not just Bengali’s who reside here, we must also consider the other languages that are in use. Gradually, we must start thinking about what listeners want,” he said.

He further gave the example of AIR FM Rainbow which intends to broadcast programmes for the youth and thus lure in more listeners in that category.

“Get back the youth and use the internet,” he stated.

(With inputs from IANS)


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