Dear Ice cream Lovers! Now You Can Prepare Your Favorite Ice cream at Home

Here are the 5 different ice cream flavors that you can prepare at home

Ice cream
Different flavors of Ice cream. Pixabay

July 25, 2017: Have you ever thought about making an ice cream all by yourself? Not really..! But this is no rocket science and with very little efforts you can make ice at your home. Your summer holidays will reach the pace of peace with these simple recipes. Know how to quench your thirst and then, of course, why would anyone spend a penny extra when you can make a relishing dessert all by yourself.

Here are the 5 different ice cream flavors that you can prepare at home

  • Chocolate Ice cream

Ice cream
Chocolate Icecream. Pixabay

Everyone loves chocolate and it is the die-hard need for masses. It is the most delicious and the most desired amongst the other flavors of ice cream. A hint of chocolate mixed with vanilla makes it even more satisfying. It contains 216 calories which are a good bet for those trying hard to gain weight. And to remind you of a fact, chocolate does really well when it comes to alleviating your mood. Let’s know a few preparation tips on how to make a chocolate ice cream.

Let us know a few preparation tips on how to make a chocolate ice cream.

Things you’ll need – ¾ cup sugar, 1 cup milk, ¼ teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoon cocoa powder, 2 cup cream (milkmaid), 3 egg yolk beaten, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Preparation – Pick up a saucepan and stir sugar, milk, salt, cocoa powder. Now bring the saucepan to medium flame heat and keep stirring. After a while, place the eggs into the bowl and keep stirring until the batter is thickened. Now remove the sauce pan and stir the melted chocolate into the bowl. Refrigerate the bowl for about two hours and stir as and when needed. After the chocolate has completely cooled down, add in the ice and vanilla extract and freeze it in an ice cream maker.

Your chocolate ice is ready to be served!!!

  • Coconut Ice cream

    Ice cream
    Coconut Ice cream. Wikimedia

Coconut ice cream is everybody’s personal favorite and the one difficult to resist because of its perfectly sweet and super creamy formula. Coconut enthusiasts find it difficult to get it from nearby stores as it is pretty rare to find. However, with a few simple steps, one can now prepare it at home itself. Things you will need for preparing this delicious sweetener at home.

Things you will need for preparing this delicious sweetener at home:

Here is a list for preparing coconut ice cream: 1 cup milk, 14-ounce coconut cream, ½ cup heavy cream,  1 and ½ cup coconut fiber.

Preparation: Mix milk and coconut cream in a food processor and blend thoroughly. After blending the coconut cream and milk into the mixer blend cream and coconut flakes into the mixer. Pour into the ice cream maker and refrigerate accordingly. It may take 3-4 hours. Once it freezes your delicious ice cream is ready to be served.

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  • Peanut butter Icecream

Ice cream
Peanut Butter Ice cream. Wikimedia

Peanut butter comes with buttery tang and a hint of salt. Peanut butter ice cream is a special treat because of its smooth and crunchy texture at the same time.

Things you will for preparing this appetizing treat are: 1 cup peanut butter, ½ cup sugar, 1 pinch salt,  1 and ½ cup vanilla extract, 1 full cup of cream.

Preparation: mix peanut butter, sugar, salt, cream, vanilla extract in a hand blender and blend it nicely. Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and process it for half an hour. The ice cream can then be put into the refrigerator and frozen for or a durable period of time until it hardens. Once ready you can serve it with any chocolate syrup all together to give a rich taste. You can also add crushed peanuts for the topping purpose.

  • Fresh mint Ice cream

Ice cream
Mint Ice cream. Pixabay

Mint is the most potent herb and acts as an appetizer and promotes digestion. Mint can also do wonders if you are feeling weary and laggard. Mint also aids stomach related problems. Taking about the ingredients of this recipe, you will need 2 cup milk, 30 fresh mint leaves, sugar, 2 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Preparation: Mix milk and mint leaves in a saucepan over medium heat flame. Heat until you see bubbles around the edges. After a while, remove the heat and cover it for 15 minutes to give the solution a flavor of mint. Filter the solution and remove the mint leaves. Take a new bowl and add sugar, salt, and egg yolk. Mix all the ingredients to create a pale yellow mixture. Now add this mixture to milk solution and heat it in medium flame. Pour the mixture into the bowl and add vanilla extract. Wait till it cools down and then place the entire mixture in your ice cream maker until it hardens.

Your mint ice is ready to be served!!!

  • Strawberry Ice cream

Ice cream
Strawberry Ice cream. Pixabay

How can one forget strawberries while talking about ice creams? It is one of the most talked about flavors in the world. Without speaking much about the well-established taste of strawberries which all of us know let’s read the few tips of preparing an ice cream. You will need to have: 1 pound strawberries, 2 cups heavy cream, 1 cup milk and 2/3 cup sugar.

Preparation: Place the strawberries in a food processor and blend it till it is converted into a puree. Combine sugar, milk, and cream in a saucepan and place it over a medium flame heat. Remove the heat and pour the mixture into a large bowl. Add puree to the mixture and let it cool for some time. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and refrigerate it until it hardens. Serve it with strawberry slices over the top.

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