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Flag of South Korea, Pixabay

South Korean police on Friday sought an arrest warrant against the younger daughter of the president of Korean Air for allegedly assaulting an advertising agency executive in April.

Cho Hyun-min, 35, a former senior executive of Korean Air and daughter of its chief Cho Yang-ho, allegedly flew into a rage during a meeting in April and threw a glass at an advertising agency official and juice at several other participants, according to a report in Yonhap news agency.

Cho denied the accusations during an interrogation on Wednesday, in which she said “she only pushed him when he failed to properly answer her question”, a police official said.

Cho Yang ho, Korean Air Chief

The incident involving one of most prominent business families of South Korea has stirred up a huge controversy in the country and reopened the debate over the excessive power wielded by families who own the “chaebol” — huge South Korean conglomerates.

Cho Hyun-min’s elder sister and former Vice President of the group, Cho Hyun-ah, was sentenced to two years in prison for a notorious “nut rage” incident in 2014 during which she became enraged when a first-class flight attendant served her macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a dish. The plane was forced to return to the gate at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport

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Korean Air chief Cho Yang-ho recently offered a public apology and removed his two daughters from all their company posts.

Prosecutors also accused Cho Hyun-min of smuggling in luxury goods into the country. Hundreds of employees of the airlines had convened a protest in central Seoul on Friday demanding that Cho Yang-ho step down as president. (IANS)



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"It is not a variant of despair because we have health authorities committed to providing quality care to our population," the Minister said.

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