30% Professionals Suffer From Mental Disorders

About 30% working population suffers from mental risks, says research

Mental risks
One in every four person feels their work is not balanced and these people may suffer from mental risks. Pixabay

Thirty per cent working professionals suffer some form of mental, emotional risks and as much as 28 per cent some form of depression, a new survey conducted by health-tech startup Vivant revealed on Friday.

According to the research, one in every four person feels their work life balance is not good and 27 per cent people talk about high job stress.

The survey was conducted to gauge the state of mental health and spread awareness on depression, anxiety and stress among the millennial workforce.

Mental health
The survey highlighted that about 30% of the working folks suffer from mental and emotional risks. Pixabay

“Vivant endorses the preventive-care lifestyle and aims at eradicating the taboo around mental health. Preventive health is no longer viewed with scepticism, but, as a genuine approach towards ensuring wellness,” said Adrit Raha, CEO, Vivant.

Over two lakh platform users participated in the survey and it was derived that — 48 per cent of the participants maintain a sedentary lifestyle and 25 per cent people do not follow proper dietary habits.

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It was also highlighted that 23 per cent people face the risk of diabetes, whereas 30 per cent working professionals face some form of mental and emotional risks. (IANS)