Punjab Police seize 160 kg of raw Gold from a Car in Mohali Town in Chandigarh

Gold Jewelry. Pixabay

Chandigarh, Jan 17, 2017: Punjab Police on Tuesday seized 160 kg of raw gold from a car in Mohali town, near here.

Police officials said that investigations into the recovery were still in progress.

They said that three people had been detained and were being questioned.

The Hyundai Creta car was stopped by police at Mohali, 10 km from here, during a special checking campaign in connection with the February 4 assembly elections in Punjab. Police and other law enforcement agencies are conducting checks to curb the movement of illegal cash, liquor, drugs and other things during election time.

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Police sources said that the car was owned by a company based in Himachal Pradesh.

Further details are awaited. (IANS)


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