Putin’s American dream: Russia plans to build high speed transport corridor to New York


By Newsgram Staff Writer

Russia has unveiled plans to build a high speed transport corridor linking New York and London through the socialist country by railways and superhighway.

The head of Russia’s state railways, Vladimir Yakunin revealed the plans at the Russian Academy of Sciences. He said that the project would boost global economic growth.

‘This is an inter-state, inter-civilization, project. It should be an alternative to the current model, which has caused a systemic crisis.’ Yakunin was quoted in newspaper Siberian Times.

The project will also include oil and gas pipelines for better accessibility of Russian Petro-industry by the rest of the world.

The project, which is being called Trans-Eurasian Belt Development will see the development of high speed railways and motorways from Eastern Europe, across Siberia and over the Bering Strait to Alaska.

Talks about creating a transportation system in Bering Strait have been on since the late 19th century but till now have not borne fruit.