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Actress Alia Bhatt seen at an event. Wikimedia Commons

Filmmaker Meghna Gulzar says her father and celebrated writer Gulzar’s inputs for a movie are like a painter’s last stroke which leave a lasting impression.

The father-daughter duo joined creative forces for the forthcoming release “Raazi”, which is based on Harinder Sikka’s novel “Calling Sehmat”.

Sharing her experience of working with her father and industry veteran Gulzar in the film, Meghna said here: “He has supervised dialogues, script of the film and penned down the lyrics I think his inputs in films are like painter’s last stroke of the painting which changes emotion of that painting altogether… He is like that.

Meghna Gulzar, Director of Raazi, BollywoodCountry

“We first write the script and do preps for the film, and then it’s time to write the songs. As he comes in the picture to write lyrics for the film, the whole film gets elevated a few notches higher. He has seen the film and he really liked it. He has told me that ‘It has become your habit to mute the audience after making film like Talvar and now again, you will do that with Raazi.'”

The movie, about a girl who risks her life by marrying a Pakistani army officer and moves to the neighbouring country to spy for her own, features Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal.

British censors have given the film a 12A certification — not generally suitable for children aged under 12 — with no cuts.

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Meghna said: “Forget the British censor board… We have got approval from Indian censors without any cuts, which I think is a big relief because you feel satisfied when people who are certifying the film can relate with your sensibilities and intentions through which you are presenting the film.

“I think certification also impacts business of the film when you obtain 12A certification from British censor board, then it is also important for producers of the film, and more audience can watch it in theatres.”

The film is scheduled to release on May 11. (BollywoodCountry)



Meta-owned WhatsApp on Monday announced an incubator programme in India.

Meta-owned WhatsApp on Monday announced an incubator programme in India that will select 10 organisations and help them build digital solutions to tackle critical health issues.

Called the WhatsApp Incubator Programme (WIP), the initiative aims to facilitate positive and measurable health outcomes at scale by leveraging the WhatsApp Business Platform.

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India has to define its stand and negotiate its international policy keeping in view the nation's best interests of the long run.

By D.C. Pathak

Advent of Biden Presidency with its resonating calls of 'America is back', 'we will repair our alliances' and 'will engage with the world once again' on one hand and the rise of President Xi Jinping with a stronger hold on China after the Plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of CPC, on the other, have got strategic analysts to examine if a new Cold War was already on the horizon.

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Digital becomes more popular and companies expand their D2C (direct-to-consumer) connections

Smartphone companies which have strong consumer pull now face most of the reputation issues caused by infringement of their brands in the digital space, according to a new report.

There are three main techniques pertaining to brand infringement —fake gratification, fake presence and fake representation.

According to Faisal Kawoosa, founder and chief analyst, Techarc, as digital becomes mainstream and brands increase their D2C (direct-to-consumer) engagements, they need to proactively police the digital space to hunt for any infringement cases.

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"The first thing brands need to do is to come out of denial mode and create a common synergy between marketing, ecommerce, IT and digital teams," he said in the Brand Reputation Index (BRIX) report.

In fake gratification, scammers infringe any brand's identity by offering fake coupons, rewards, schemes, and discounts. This is the easiest trap for consumers who are searching for best deals when they decide about buying a smartphone of their interest.

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