Wednesday November 13, 2019

Actress Radhika Apte Considers Storytelling As a Special Part of Her Life

She hopes she would come together with Rajkummar and Kalki for an on-screen project too

Radhika Apte
Acting is like investigative work: Radhika Apte. (IANS)

Actress Radhika Apte says storytelling has been a special part of her life since her growing up days. She says she used to listen to Marathi writer and humorist Purushottam Laxman Deshpande on cassettes.

Radhika was present at the launch of, a dedicated service for Indians by Audible, the world’s leading seller and producer of downloadable audiobooks and other spoken-word content. She, along with actors Rajkummar Rao and Kalki Koechlin, have come together for the first time to narrate the Audible adaptation of the novel.

On the experience, Radhika told IANS: “I’ve transitioned from an audible listener to an audible narrator with this project, which is the highlight for me. Storytelling has been such a special part of my growing up years. I remember the time when I used to listen to Purushottam Laxman Deshpande on cassettes. He was such a great storyteller, could really draw you into a great story and it’s great to know that Audible too just does that.”

Radhika Apte, Rajkummar and Kalki came together for the first time to narrate the Audible adaptation of Hussain Zaidi’s novel “Mafia Queens of Mumbai”.

Radhika Apte
Radhika Apte.

On that, she said: “I really enjoyed discovering these amazing stories of these strong women that made a name for themselves. It helped uncover a new side of Mumbai.

“My mama (maternal uncle) used to live in Mumbai and tell me stories of gang lords but we never heard about the women of the underworld, and ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’ gave me that opportunity.”

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She hopes she would come together with Rajkummar and Kalki for an on-screen project too.

“I hope so soon! They are truly great actors,” she said. (IANS)

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Let Us Celebrate The Diversity In India: Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan stress on the diversity in India

Film maker Mahesh Bhatt emphasizes on celebrating diversity. Wikimedia Commons

Film maker Mahesh Bhatt and Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan on Friday stressed on celebrating India’s diversity, with the auteur also lashing out against those imposing their language on the people.

“These are dangerous times. In the age of highest connectivity we are the most divided. That’s why we need story tellers to tell stories which can bring us all together. The glue that held mankind together has withered,” Bhatt said at the inauguration of the 25th Kolkata International Film Festival here.

He said it was high time filmmakers realise their responsibility to ‘whip up’ hopes of a better tomorrow, in a scenario where the “structures all around us globally are collapsing”.

“I think the story tellers must do what mamas did at home. When the house fought and children fell apart mama would bring us all together by telling us the fascinating story that kindled hope. That’s what we are celebrating here today,” he said.

Bhatt said the leaders of mankind have no solution for the problems that stare at people. “It is we film makers, we story tellers, we artists who are generous people, Who will whip out from our hearts the idea of a better tomorrow, and then point in the direction and compel people to walk in that direction”.

King Khan expects stories that bring us together and celebrate our diversity to be made. Wikimedia Commons

Referring to ascetics Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda and Sister Nivedita, he said the great seers and sages of the country had said underlined the need to ‘speak to man in his language’.

“Don’t impose your language on people. This is a great country. And its greatness lies in its diversity. Let us celebrate this diversity,” he said, adding “As long as film makers are there, as long as artists are there, we will dare to hope and defy those who tell us to speak only one language”.

Shah Rukh in his speech hoped that wonderful films with great stories would continue to be made.

“We keep on making these wonderful films, have great stories to tell, and like Bhatt sab said, stories that will bind us together, bring us together, and celebrate our diversity, instead of questioning one another’s individuality,” he added.

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Later, in her speech, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee praised Bhatt for being “very outspoken”. “When so many people are in fear, Mahesh ji expresses his mind candidly,” she said. (IANS)