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Celebrating Womanhood : Kanpur Gears up to Hold the ‘Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017’ Beauty Pageant | Upcoming Events

Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017 aims to not only empower married women, but also lend support to acid attack survivors and felicitate the Indian transgender community.

Kanpur, September 15, 2017 : The struggle for wider acceptance and visibility by married women in a tradition-bound Indian society has a long history. However, a wider understanding is that women must be encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and encouraged to define what it means to be ‘Confidently beautiful’. To further these efforts, the Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017 beauty pageant is being organized to bring spotlight where it is due- on the women of our society.

A pathway to the Mrs. UP beauty pageant that witnesses participants from across the country, Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017 is a unique fusion of Indian fashion and beauty, inspired by a touch of professionalism and passion. A press conference was organized on August 19 ahead of the event.

The event saw active participation from the media and the public alike, wherein details of the upcoming event were revealed. The press conference was attended by Mrs. Jaya Srivastava, singer & DD Artist, Ms.U.P. 2017 Aashi Bagga along with makeup artist and stylist Mrs. Vinita and Mrs. Zara and Directors of the A2Z Brand Communication Group, Rashmi Singh Bhadauria and Akhilesh Khare. Also present at the press conference was Mrs Kavita, an acid attack survivor who has not only fought but also defied the society and now functions as a strong, independent individual.

Radiance Mrs. Kanpur 2017
The team at the press conference

Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017, to be held on October 14, aims to not only empower married women, but also lend support to acid attack survivors and felicitate the transgender community who are often made to feel ‘different’ in the Indian society. The beauty pageant aims to offer hope and establish itself as a symbol of change.

In this distinctive competition, married (or previously married) women will compete for the coveted title of ‘Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017’. The contestants will be judged on a variety of parameters like their walk, confidence, and talent.

The winner of the competition will also get an opportunity to participate in the Mrs. UP competition.

A confident woman possesses the ability to make real changes in the world, which begin at her home and the local community, and hold the potential to reach global stature. Upholding the same spirit, Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017 aims to empower women and assist them to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best.


Competition Details for Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017

  • Audition and Elimination round : September 19, 2017
  • Competition Finale October 14, 2017
  • Audition Round will be held at The Tree House Cafe, Kanpur
  • Finale will be held at Hotel S.B Castle, Kanpur



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