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Islamic State (ISIS) Terrorist Group Trying to Convert Hindus In Kerala

This ‘open-to-persuasion’ phase is marked by growing compassion with terrorist organisations and political causes that sanction the use of violence

Radicalization of Youth
A child holding a weapon. Pixabay
  • The name of a street in Thuruthi ward of Kasaragod municipality was recently changed to Gaza Street
  • A rate card ranging from 7 lakh to 1 lakh for conversion of non-Muslim women to Islam was aired by Times Now
  • Radicalization of Youth is now becoming a threat to nation

New Delhi, June 25, 2017:

The name of a street in Thuruthi ward of Kasaragod municipality was recently changed to Gaza, which stands as a reference to the contentious land between Israel and Egypt. The intelligence agencies call the alteration a Radical influence.

“It is not just the Muslims are being swayed by their caliphate but also the Hindus are being hunted and turned into the ISIS terrorist”, reported Times Now blatantly speaking about the Radicalization of Youth for terrorism. Not just that, a report in say the rate cards “mysterious” and fake and discards them, calling it a propaganda against Islam.

The Conversion rate mentioned by Times Now goes like this-

  • Hindu (Brahmin Girl)= 5L
  • Hindu (Kshatriya Girl)= 4.5L
  • Hindu (OBC, SC, ST)= 2L

The mainstream media group also aired the rate card ranging from 7 lakh to 1 lakh for conversion to Islam which states the prices of conversion for women belonging to the different class of society with the hashtag “#CaliphateConvertsHindus”.

According to the rate card, the highest bid is 7 lakh for converting Punjabi Sikh girl, 6 lakh for Gujarati girl, 5 lakh for Brahmin Hindu girl and so on.

“Love Jihad” is another alleged activity under which Muslim men target young Non-Muslim girls. Click To Tweet

Another video posted by Times Now highlights the chilling testimony of a mother whose daughter was intending to go to learn Syrian Language and read Quran. The mother told Times Now that she noticed a sudden change of behaviour in her daughter in the duration of one month. She used to walk and talk on phone nonstop for hours. Another 22 years old IS sympathiser Konakalla Subramanyam alias omer embraced Islam, while the family members say they did not know when their son adopted Islam, The Hindu reported.

The radicalization of Youth: Internet, Love Jihad or Poverty?

Radicalization is a major threat to the country with more than 5000 people converted to Islam in the past five years in Kerala. Radicalization is a process in which the extremist groups contempt the holistic ideas and expressions of a nation. Radicalization can be both – violent and non-violent, however when thoughts like “violence is the only way” beings to brew, radical thoughts become lethal for the country as a whole. Violence as an instrument and lack of freedom of expression is a feature of Radicalization. It serves as a kind of sociological trap which will satisfy the material and spiritual need of those afflicted from radical thoughts.

Time and again, Islamic extremist groups have been connecting with the youths through online messaging services and Social Medi, manipulating them to join the violent forces in the communal wars. Radicalization brew from myriads of places but one out of many sources which are now a threat the of the nation is – ‘internet”. Terrorists have used social media platforms exhaustively to buttress their hideous goals and spread their message. Terror groups like Islamic state of Iraq and Syria have used social media to disseminate the video of beheading the US nationals in the past. This created a lot of havoc among the people and thus led to the fulfilment of their agendas. Not only this, Taliban has been active on Twitter from the name “@alemarahweb” since 2011 and has more than 7000 followers. The account was later suspended by Twitter.

Love Jihad” is another alleged activity under which Muslim men target young Non-Muslim girls and influence their conversion to Islam by feigning love. The notion of Love Jihad first rose in Kerela, and by October 2009 up to 4,500 girls in Kerala were targeted according to the Kerela Catholic Bishops Council, while the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti claimed that 30,000 girls had been converted in Karnataka alone. Love Jihad gradually penetrated in Pakistan and United States also. These groups used emotional appeals like “Love bombings” or interpreted the sacred religious text to persuade people.

Some also argue that in India, Radicalization does not concern itself entirely with the religion. Rather, it is the outcome of dissatisfaction over political and social issues, and it appeals the most appropriate to a particular section of youth. These issues, combined with religious conservatism, may lead to jihadist tendencies.

It is still ambiguous what factors make potential recruits open to persuasion to join Jihadist movement that incites violent protest and terrorism. This ‘open-to-persuasion’ phase is marked by growing compassion with terrorist organisations and political causes that sanction the use of violence.

– by Naina Mishra of Newsgram. Twitter: @Nainamishr94

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Love Jihad Case : Kerala’s State Women Commission Directs SP to submit report on Hadiya’s Condition

24 year old Akhila had converted to Islam and taken the name Hadiya to marry Shafin Jahan.  However, their marriage was declared null and void by the High Court of Kerala

Office of Kerala Women Comission
Office of Kerala Women Comission. Official Website KWC

Kerala, October 28, 2017 : A day after a video of Hadiya pleading to be ‘saved’ from her father’s brutalities was released, Kerala’s State Women Commission has directed Kottayam Superintendent of Police to inquire and submit a report on Hadiya’s present conditions.

In the video release at a press conference in Kochi by social activist Rahul Eashwar, Hadiya can be heard saying, “You have to get me out. I am sure I will be killed tomorrow or the day after.” Hadiya claims that her father is physically assaulting her and pleads to be saved in the video before her voice trails away.

The direction came following reports that Hadiya is being sedated and physically abused at her parents’ house.

The State Women Commission has told the SP that an officer not less than the rank of a DSP should conduct the inquiry and submit a report on the condition of the 24-year old woman in love jihad case.

24 year old Akhila had converted to Islam and taken the name Hadiya to marry Shafin Jahan.  Their marriage was declared null and void by the High Court of Kerala after Hadiya’s father Ashokan has approached the court, claiming that his daughter had been forcefully converted and her alleged husband was involved in plans to take her out of the country for questionable reasons.

Consequently, Hadiya’s husband Shafin Jahan had approached the Supreme Court and challenged the order by the High Court of Kerala, which is still hearing the case.

– prepared by Soha Kala of NewsGram. Twitter @SohaKala

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Another Case of Love Jihad Springs Up, Mother of Victim Files Application to SC and Seeks Probe

Hindu woman
Save hindu girls from ISIS. Newsgram

October 09, 2017: Reports of Love Jihad have again scaled the country with the mother of yet another converted Keralite girl seeking probe from the NIA. Bindu Sampath from Kerala has requested the Supreme Court to order a probe in light of her daughter Nimisha (now Fathima) going missing in 2016 whilst pregnant. She recently gave birth to a baby girl in the ISIS state of Afghanistan (Khorasen province) where she is believed to have migrated with her husband Bexen.

Government Shows Lack of Concern

Reports of girls being tricked into converting to Islam have been surfacing since 2016 when 21 boys and girls had gone missing from Kerala among which 6 have been killed in drone attacks in Afghanistan.

In light of events like Hadiya, Bindu filed an impleading application with the help of her lawyer Aishwariya Bhatti which stated, “The incidents of forcible conversions and indoctrination is not an isolated incident, but a well-oiled scheme”. Bindu also said that the government should investigate and neutralize the possible threat to the country by directing the investigation to the NIA, R & AW and IB.

Love Jihad: Treat to Country

“Love Jihad” or “Romeo Jihad” by definition is an activity where young Muslim men target non-Muslim young girls for conversion to Islam by posing as lovers.

Although there is no evidence to these claims, the application drafted by Bindu and her lawyer says that the Jihad Romeos are given 2 weeks to find a girl from a non-Muslim community and 6 months to convert her to Islam. If the girl shows no interest in the first two weeks, they move on to another girl. Shockingly, the day Bindu’s application raised any allegations in the SC; the Kerala government submitted their counter affidavit in the Hadiya case.

Kerela Government Rejected Theories of Love Jihad

The Kerala government rejected the theories of “love jihad” and reported that after thorough investigation of the said case, there were no scheduled offenses reported. Bindu urged the court to properly look into the incident to avoid any future damage. As per News Minute’s reporter Megha Varier, the accused in the application were the SDPI and a man named Sajjad Rahman who she says cajoled and influenced her daughter when they met in a coaching class in Thiruvananthapuram. Bindu also claims that Nimisha’s friends in her dental college at Kasargod influenced her to convert to Islam and marry Bexen.

Cases like these have surfaced the upper crust of the court’s eye but parents like Bindu and KM Ashokan (Hadiya’s father) remain helpless and grief struck to have to part with their daughters. Bindu mentions that she has been unable to find any respite or relief in securing the well-being of her daughter. She quotes the media reports of Hadiya and the 21 gone missing to suggest ample proof of conspiracy where individuals con young girls and entice them for the purpose of involvement in the “terrorist and anti-national activities” of Jihad.

Prepared by Tanya Kathuria of Newsgram. Twitter: @TanyaKathuria97

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Is There a Pattern in Love Jihad Cases? Hindu Girl Elopes, Gets Converted, Marries Muslim Man

The agency on Wednesday claimed that the Love Jihad campaign is following a 'pattern' that has been emerging in Kerala

Love Jihad
Pakistani Hindus Girls undergo forcible conversions in Pakistan

August 17, 2017: A Hindu girl, Ravita Meghwar living in a village in Pakistan for 16 years was recently married off to a Muslim Man. The family members of the Hindu girl believe that the kidnappers drugged them and abdicated their daughter. Ravita who was rechristened to Gulnaz says she eloped and married by her own choice.

In the recent years, case after case has been reported of Hindu girls converting to Islam in the courts in Pakistan’s southern eastern Sindh province which is also the home to the majority of Pakistani Hindus. Lower-caste and low-income Hindus in Sindh work on farmlands for powerful, rich landowners as a result of which they face discrimination and are often cut off from the Hindu community at large.

The purportedly forcible conversions of Hindus have almost similar pattern in the cases. Targeting of minor girls has deeply disturbed the Hindu population in Pakistan.

The alarming situation feeds into a wider judgment-

After 70 decades of Partition of Indian Sub continent, Pakistan isn't safe for Pakistani Hindus. Click To Tweet

Today Pakistan is deemed as an Islamic nationalist state where hardline religious groups are an intimidating force, and religious minorities are voiceless.

Pakistan was established as a Muslim state in 1947 where the country’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah proclaimed that the religious minorities should have the independence to live in the nation and follow their religion, however, as the time elapsed such has not been the scenario

The prominent Islamic religious organizations are striving hard to convert Hindu girls to Islam due to which some Hindus are leaving their settlements and migrating to other cities in Pakistan, or even so leaving Pakistan completely and departing to India. The community of Hindus in Pakistan has sharply declined from roughly 23 per cent in 1947 to barely 6 per cent presently owing to coerced conversions, suppression and oppression in Pakistan, mentioned ANI.

Ravita Meghwar’s brother-in-law, Lajpat Meghwadh says with respect to the issue, “The person who Ravita has gone off with has no connection to the family, except that they had a dispute. He has never come to our house”.

There are two contradictory perceptions from both the religious groups- while the Hindu activists claim that young girls are kidnaped, forced into converting to Islam, and wedded to Muslim men in an orderly manner, the Muslim leaders are defensive about the issue saying that conversions are a way of meriting blessings. Shockingly, these conversions are often strengthened by powerful muslim clerics and local politicians which assert that the girl voluntarily flew, converted, and married.

This poses a hurdle for lawyers who have to decide the justice for such cases. And in most of the cases, the girl’s assertion to marry at her own will settles the case, whereas her parents live in denial.`

Forced conversions became the focal point of the nation in 2012 when three Hindu girls were reported to have been forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men.

Before we know what those cases were, here is a brief understanding of ‘Love Jihad’:

Where did Love Jihad come from?

In Islam, ‘Jihad’ typically means struggle or battle for a religious cause. Hence, ‘Love Jihad’ basically is a push to instill infatuation in girls of religious minorities by feigning love and hopes of marriage. In 2009, there were claims of forceful religious conversions in Kerala and Mangalore. In 2009, Justice KT Sankaran (Retd.), observed there were indications of forceful religious conversions in Kerala and that the government should mull over a law to prohibit such instances. “Under the pretext of love, there cannot be any compulsive, deceptive conversion,” the court said.

Some of the famous cases of Love Jihad: 

In 2014, a case of Kaleem and Shalu Tyagi’s love affair from Meerut caught national attention which was pitched as a case of ‘Love Jihad’.

In the same year, another famous case where a national-level shooter Tara Shahdeo alleged that the person whom she thought to be a Hindu was actually a Muslim and that her in-laws were coercing her to convert to Islam.

This year, again with the Hadiya case, ‘Love Jihad’ came into recognition. The Kerala High Court declared the marriage of a Hindu girl and Muslim man null and void after the woman’s father testified that his daughter has been recruited by Islamic State (IS) in Syria. After this, the Muslim husband approached the Supreme court seeking justice. On Wednesday, NIA stated that ‘Love Jihad existed’ in a response to SC orders. The agency further claimed it was not a distinctive incident on the part of Love Jihad campaign but a ‘pattern’ that has been emerging in Kerala, mentioned PTI.

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